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Products ordered on the M'POWERED BASEBALL website are shipped via UPS, USPS, or FEDEX. The company reserves the right to use the aforementioned shipping companies or any other service. Shipping costs are either included in the total cost of the product(s) you buy or are clearly noted as an additional cost born by the buyer.


Custom made bats will take 10 days to 3 weeks depending on time of the year. Should you want to move to the front of the line we will expedite production for a $30 fee. If you want your bats fast with a 1-3 turnaround time we can ship your model in most cases without color guarantee from our large in stock just made bats.


International shipping is quoted prior to a purchase via email, our toll free number, or via skype. Do not presume that the shipping costs are the same outside the USA, because they are not. The company reserves the right to withhold shipping until the entire cost of an international shipment is paid for in full. The company will make every effort to communicate the cost ASAP. In the unlikely event of a sanctioned return of goods, the buyer is responsible for return shipping.


Customs, international tariffs, and duty- M'POWERED BASEBALL will not falsely notate or claim any international product purchase for the purpose of reducing the value of the purchase so the buyer can save duty or any other tax or tariff your country may apply. Please do not ask the company to send as a gift either. All international paperwork will be completed accurately and with full integrity.


Only the M'FUZD wood bat product is covered by a limited warranty, no other product under the M'POWERED BRAND.

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