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When you order product from the M'POWERED website our shipping department makes sure that you receive what you order and the product(s) you purchase are in factory fresh condition with no defects. In the rare event you receive a product or products that are defective, we will ask you to call our toll free customer service number and advise our team of the problem. We will take any case under advisement but reserve the right to reject any claim for return. We do not exchange under any circumstances. We do not take returns of broken bats ever. We do not warranty wood bats or bamboo bats. The only product with a warranty is our M'FUZD bat product. (See warranty details on our site). Products bought for gifts for a third party are not eligible for a return.


In a case where we may take a return, buyer is responsible for return freight costs. Refunds are only applied after we receive and inspect the returned product.


M'POWERED BASEBALL product sales are final. We do not accept returns except in an extraordinary case that has to do with a defective product shipped in error from one of our distribution centers or from one of our factories. The probability of this occurring is very rare, as our products go through intensive qual ity control procedures.


If the company agrees to a return in an extraordinary situation, and the returned product(s) does not match with the reason, the company reserves the right to deny a refund and retain the product(s) returned.

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