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The Original GLOVEMATE is the #1 product designed to "Stop the Sting". With over 600,000 Glovemates sold throughout the USA, more players from youth to pros use Glovemate. Glovemate was placed into the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum (Evolution of game use gear) in 2013. Designed and patented by a former professional baseball player, Glovemate "stops the sting", and reduces hand bruising and injuries while maintaining the comfort, flex, and "feel" of your ball glove.


There are cheap imitations but only the original GLOVEMATE meets all of the desired results. Glovemate's leather velcro strap adjusts to fit all hand sizes from youth to pros. Glovemate is sold in over 2,500 sports retail stores or you may order directly from Glovemate Sports (the manufacturer) on this site. For large Glovemate orders, please feel free to call us at 1-877-662-6757. ORDER TODAY!


The Original GLOVEMATE...the brand you can trust to "Stop the Sting" with quality materials and comfort. You'll never know you have it on except when you don't feel the "sting". 



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