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Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel


To "activate" a Mpowered cooling towel, you wet it with cool water, gently wring it out and snap it. Our Cooling towels are made from a microfiber mesh that feels soft, light, and fabric-like whether wet or dry.


The towel is immersed in cold water and then pressed to leave it wet, but not dripping. Not only does the wet towel feel pleasant because it is cool, but the temperature differential between the user’s body and the towel will help transfer heat from the body to the towel. The heat is then lost through evaporation, providing a cooling effect.


The cooling effect is more potent in low to medium humidity environments, since the drier the environmental air, the faster the rate of evaporation and the stronger the cooling effect. 


In humid environments, the towel will still absorb heat from the body, but since the air is saturated with humidity, the water from the towel will not evaporate, effectively storing the heat. So, the cooling effect will be short-lived. In these environments, you will have to soak the towels in cold water more frequently to "recharge" them when they warm or dry up. 


The towel also acts as a physical barrier against the sun, preventing its rays from reaching and heating the skin. For this reason, a light-colored towel is preferable, since it absorbs less radiation (heat) than dark colors. A towel with a higher UPF is also preferable since it will provide additional UV protection, which is important for people working for extended periods outdoors.


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