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Don Fletcher, playing in MSBL Fall Classic in Florida, hits three grand slams

"Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications, This story is beyond unbelievable. As kids, and adults, we dream of coming up in the big situation, bases loaded, game on the line, and then we dramatically drive the ball over the wall and the crowd goes wild. It becomes a true Gatorade moment. Well, this happened last week in the West Metro Atlanta Men's Senior Baseball Fall Saturday League. But wait, there's more! "

I wanted to reach out to you in order to thank you for the outstanding customer service your company has in place. I broke my bat within 2 weeks of purchase and although it was not covered through warranty, you still went out of your way to give me the best possible deal for replacing the bat. I received 3 bats faster than what was initially stated. And they weren't just bats, these are Pro Quality bats that have amazing balance and intense pop. Just like we spoke on the phone about the bat that broke, I hit a home run blast the first time I used it. I still cannot thank you enough for the great conversation and the deal of a lifetime I received on these bats. I will definitely spread the word about MPowered, and you have officially gained a customer for life."

Youth Baseball Players Love M^Powered Baseball Youth Gloves and Baseballs
"Thanks Shawn!"

2014 mvpSan Francisco — When the Sonoma Stompers Baseball Club announced the trade for Sonoma High grad and Valley native Jayce Ray last spring, the community knew he'd be a valuable component to the first-year expansion team. As it turned out, Ray was much more than that.

The 24-year-old centerfielder was named the Pacific Association's Most Valuable Player on Wednesday after his remarkable 2014 season. Proving not only his value to the Stompers, but his worth as a frontline player in professional baseball. In a hotly contested race for the league's most prestigious award, Ray earned 23 total points, including three first-place votes, and two second- and third-place nods.

16U Team USA Baseball Player plays with MPowered Baseball Bats"I really like my MPowered baseball bats! Thanks!

Ruben Mercado, 16U TeamUSA player, Cary, NC 2014"

"I got married a little while ago and decided to do a couple bat pics. Here is one of them with your bat, they came out great and wife loved them.

Great on the field and off. Thanks for a great product!"

"Thank you! I've used a bunch of different bats, and yours have by far the most consistently good wood. I can trust that I know what I'm getting with M^Powered. I appreciate what you've done for me." -Ryan Mantle-

"Hello Mark,
I was the plate umpire that called that nice game you threw at Yngnacio High. During the game we spoke about your company and I told you of my son in the Navy who uses your Bats. He plays ball for the Navy and loves your bats. He and 2 other teammates use M^Powered Bats.

Here is a picture of Kyle on the Flight Deck of Kyle's ship, the USS Ronald Regan CVN76. It's a nuclear strike carrier - 1 of 6 the Navy has. The ship is truly a fortress. It has 5000 crewman, it's a floating city. Kyle called me the other day and said his first game was last week.

I appreciate you taking interest in my son. Take care,"

-Hugh Laidley-

"Hi Mark:
The bat arrived today!!! Thanks for your follow up - we have a very happy son!"

-Bradley Frost- Tampa Bay Reds

"Mark, When the new bats arrived and Ryno took them out of the box and held them for the first time, he said these are my favorite bats ever.last night he had a game and used one. He drove to bullet singles and after the game he couldn't stop talking about how great the bats are. He's was juiced about using them in Perfect Game this weekend. At any rate, I just wanted to say THANKS and let you know you've made a customer and a fan for life. Thanks again!" -Tom-

"I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for getting me this product. The baseball glove is awesome and the bats are sweet too with great pop and balance. You and your company get 5 STARS. Thanks for making great products and working with me. Best of luck this season." -Bradley Frost- Tampa Bay Reds

"You probably don't remember, but you sold me one of these hickory bats in the parking lot at the a tourney in Las Vegas (Memorial Day Weekend) - it has been a great bat, but I hit one off the cap last weekend and caved in the cupped end. Thanks again - you make a great bat" -Scott Crutchfield-

"Mark, We received the bat in time for Christmas and my son really likes the feel of it. Thanks for the excellent service!" -George-

"Just thought I would let you know that Aaron had a great summer using your sugar maple bats, .351 avg., 8 doubles, 3 hr. Also finshed 2nd in home run derby at the SCBL All Star game. Hit 2 balls over the scoreboard, 1 over the locker room and 2 off the roof. This was in the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, I videoed this and I will try to send them to you, it is quite impressive.

He has had several coaches comment on the sound of the ball off his bat so I think that is a compliment to your bat. He broke the one that he really liked in the allstar game and I was wondering if we weighed that bat and request a duplicate is that possible. Thanks for the service and we are talking your bats up."

-Mark- Asheville NC

"Hey, just wanted to let you know I set a league record last Sunday while using your bat. I hit 3 homeruns in one game. Thanks" -Daryl- ROY HOBBS-MSBL adult baseball player

"'Unbreakable Wood Bat!"

"Hey Mark! Your Bam!/Maple "Hybrid" wood bat IS unbreakable! I dared all 6 of my teams last year to break it & nobody could. The bamboo shaft is soooo durable with the maple sheath! I jumped from .483 to .577 with the Hybrid! Thanks, I never have to buy another wood bat again-there is no other bat out like this!"

-Danny Hasey - Yuba City, CA - Ex-Semi-Pro Sacramento NABA Pitcher

"I became a big fan of your bats a couple years ago, when I bought a few of the M^POWERED BATS in East COBB GEORGIA at The Perfect Game Wood Bat National Tournament. I used to be a Marucci fan until I hit with your bats. M^POWERED IS MY BAT OF CHOICE NOW!" -Jared Kehagias- 2012 Under Armor Pre-Season All American

"I wanted to express my pleasure with the M^P-008-33 purchased from your company at the Roy Hobbs tournament this October 2011. The bat has great pop and balance. I will be ordering several more in custom colors today. I really LOVE the bat! I play in a Detroit men's league called Detroit MSBL, and will put the word out on these hot bats!"

-Benzy #77 - Detroit MSBL

"First M^POWERED bat I have owned and it has incredible balance and great POP! The ball jumps off the sweet spot! I went yard today at CITY OF PALMS and the ball dented the sign in leftfield on its way over the fence. This was a laser shot with my M^POWERED MAPLE BAT. The best bat, end of story!"

-Paul Texiera- Roy Hobbs player 2011

"Hey Mr. Mark! My NEW M^POWERED BATS came in last week and I used one of the new ones (game bat) this weekend – bombed one off the wall at about 340! Thanks again. Love your pro bats!"


"Mark, please see below testimonial from my son about your bats. He has never cracked one of your bats and has 4.  Not bragging but he is a player. He will be a junior next year and already has offers from D1 Schools including one SEC school. Thanks for the bats." -David Baker-

"Mr. Kreindler, thanks for making a great bat! I have used the 004 Birch model for two summers with excellent results. This bat has exceptional balance, is durable and solid without sacrificing any "pop" (had 7 straight hits at PG with this bat). One of my teammates has an identical model (Birch 004) and he hit a 400 foot bomb at PG. I bought the M-Powered Hickory 001 from your booth at PG in Atlanta. It may be the best wood bat I have ever swung. I have had two BP sessions with this bat and a $125.00 Marrucci side by side. The Hickory 001 is more solid, better balanced and hotter than the Marrucci. Once again, thanks for the bat and keep up the good work. I will be buying more of these bats."

-Cal Baker- Chain Baseball 16U

"I purchased my first M^POWERED BIRCH BAT this morning (July 11, 2011) for our early morning game in the 17 U pool game at Perfect Game in EAST COBB, GA. Incredible balance, amazing POP, and that resulted in a game winning 2 run BOMB in the bottom of the 7th with my new M^POWERED BIRCH BAT. I am a new client now!"

-Josh Morrison- Top national 16 year old prospect - Northern Virginia - Perfect GAME 2011

"Hello Mark, your company has been great to deal with. My son of 16 needed wood bats for the Wood Bat World Series, you made him some great bats and they are awesome hitting tools. During our conversation you told me you were in process of releasing a BBCOR Aluminum bat.

I talked you into sending me one ASAP. Well we talked on Thursday and Saturday morning it showed up. My son had a 10 o'clock game so I took it to the field for him to try out. The first at bat he was given the Bunt sign to lay down a bunt and move the runner so he didn't get to test it out. Second at bat, fastball, Hit over the Center field fence marked 360. Needless to say the bat is GREAT!" -Randy R.- Mississippi

"Mark, my son is the University of Indianapolis player that got off to a great start with your M^POWERED YELLOW BIRCH bats. Hope to place more orders soon."

-Karl C.- Montreal Canada

"After buying one of your bats at the Roy Hobbs tournament in Tucson, I was really impressed. I decided to go with several more for the summer instead of Carolina Club bats."

Joe Morales

"Hey boys, ordered one of your MP-004 bats from baseballsavings.com, just kinda as a new thing, and this thing has turned out to be one of the best damn bats I have every owned! I am in my second season with this Rock Maple bat, Black/Red 34", about 25 games now in a men's league here in MS. I manage a local team and league here and have turned the boys on to your bats. Thanks guys!!"

-Chris N.- Ridgeland, MS

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much my husband liked the bat he purchased from you Sunday night when our teams played against each other. I had convinced him to only take two bats with him to Las Vegas, since he rarely breaks them, but of course he ended up cracking both of them. You were there at the perfect time, and Tom liked the feel of the M^Powered very much.

The next day he had a very good day at the plate and he said that the ball really jumps off the bat. I'll be sure to show it off to my local team this Sunday at practice and let them know where they can order one if they like it. Thanks again, hope to see you at future tournaments!"

Laura Doherty
MGR, 3n2 Rangers--2008, 2010 MSBL World Champions, 45+
MGR, Long Island Blue Jays, LI MSBL, 25+ Pro

"Hello Mark! I just wanted to let you know we got the bat, and my son absolutely loves it! It is so much harder than the wood bat he is swinging now. I would like to order more including a 33" M^P-011 Natural and the 33" M^P-003 Raw."

-M. Simon- Colorado Springs, CO

"Dear Mark, I just went online and ordered 2 more of your fantastic MPOWERED YELLOW Birch bats. They are still the best feeling stick that I have found anywhere!

If you remember from Ft. Myers, I have a very painful case of tennis elbow from swinging a heavy as heck SAM bat...so can you please again send me two of the lightest 'feeling' bats (or whatever the OPPOSITE of end loaded would be)? Thanks!!!" -Halley B. Lewis, II-

"Mark, the bats just arrived and you have out done yourself my friend.  I was worried about having to go back and forth but these are all perfect.  You have perfected the craft.  I love them all.  They feel great and they look amazing.  I almost don't want to use them now because they are like works of art.  Thanks again amigo... all the best in the new year."

-Ryan- (son of famous MLB catcher)

"Hey Mark, I received the TRAINING bats last week and they've already been implemented into each training session that I hold. The boys love them. They all enjoy the thickness of the handle and the balance that each bat has during their swing. I look forward doing business with you in the future and wish to be on any email or contact lists that you send out. Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday season."

COACH Dave Parlet

"Mark, the unfinished birch bat that I bought from you in Ft. Myers (32", 29 oz) hits the ball better than ANY bat I have ever used! The crack of the bat is loud, the sweet spot is huge, the bat is light, and the ball jumps off the barrel! I would like to order 2 more bats just like the one that I purchased from you." -Hal Lewis- Tallahassee, FL

"I have exclusively used M^Powered bats for over three years and have chewed up the league with the "pop" I get when I connect. I especially enjoy the birch bats as the feel and balance of the bat combined with the solid feeling after hitting the ball well give me the satisfaction I need." -Vince Carrillo- Tri-Valley A's MSBL

"Mark, I went 9 for 16 with 8 runs batted in during The Liberty Bell Classic in Philadelphia. The M^POWERED BATS are excellent as always...you will be happy to know the new custom red one now owns a laser rbi baseknock off ex 12 yr. major leaguer Jay Witasik! He is still only 37...and can throw 90 mph and better. Your bats ROCK! Thanks again."


"By the way, got my first big league hit with the M^POWERED BAT I received from you!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Kaleb Cowart- 1st round pick 2010 Draft, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

"Mark, hope all is well. Had my first big night with the MPowered last night, 3-4 two bombs and a double. I like the wood a lot, both the YELLOW BIRCH and the NORTHERN WHITE ASH. Thanks for the product. We will keep in touch."-Blake Smith- U.C. Berkeley Alumni (and L.A. Dodger prospect)

"Thank you so much for the time. My son, Carter, has been using the green military honors bat for the past two seasons, was thrilled to pick up two more MPowered bats. In fact, he fully intended to use them today as he has travel team practice this morning.

We love your products and I really liked the approach you take in serving us as customers. I have been in the retail customer service business for quite some time now and it all boils down to just that...serving the customer and 'WOWing' them with how you treat them. If you do it right, they'll keep coming back. And you do it right!!!
I would be happy to do whatever I can to support your efforts in broadcasting your good name."

All the best and we'll see you around the diamond,

"Hey Mark... just letting you know I got the bats and they feel great... thank you very much for the help. I'll see what I can do about getting the guys to try them out."

-Kevin Hansen- San Diego Padres

"We finally had a chance to use your bats this weekend and I have to say... AWESOME! Didn't break one and the guys really seem to like them. Aside from a little adjusting to the weight of the Elm and Hickory, I'd have to say we are very pleased. As for ordering additional bats, I will be sending the link to your website to the members of the team as well as the league president." -John Bowden- Chicago Longhorn

"I got interested in Mpowered baseball bats in the spring of 2007. I used the mpowerd bat in the Las Vegas tournament. We won the championship that year and I was the MVP. I batted .625 and was 7 for 9 in the playoffs and championship game.

I have been using the mpowerd bats ever since. I can't say enough about how much I like the way the bat feels in my hands. They have exceptional balance and really make the ball jump off the bat when you make contact. I have never hit balls that hard before, and the bat feels absolutely perfect in my hands. I have never felt so comfortable at the plate before. I will continue to play with Mpowerd bats until I retire from the game."

-Joe Montiel-
Former 1st team All City in San Francisco
Former Semi-professional player
Currently playing for Giants in BAMSBL
37 Years of Organization Baseball

"I started using Mpowered bats during the 2006 season. I purchased one of the maple bats, and was very pleased with the amount of "pop" the bat had. At the beginning of the 2007 season, I purchased two of the Yellow Birch, Model 008 (33/30, thin handle, big barrel). When I selected the bats, I IMMEDIATELY noticed the balance and feel was unlike any bat I had ever held.

The very first ball I hit sold me; a screaming line drive down the line that hooked foul. As they say, it was like cream cheese. The ball came off the bat with a loud "pop," and I didn't feel a thing. My first "hit" though, it what convinced me about the strength of these bats. I got jammed with an inside pitch, and "fisted" it into left field for a single. I've swung Sam Bats (Maple), X Bats (Maple), and Louisville's (Ash and Maple). I've broken so many of them I can't remember, several on this same exact pitch, off the handle.

I bought two X bats a couple of years ago and didn't make it through a weekend tournament with them. One off the hands, one off the end of the bat, and $190 out the window. Last year, I hit several balls off the handle and the end of the MPowered bat, and most of them went for base hits. I was amazed at the birch's durability. I still have both the bats I bought at the beginning of last year. Honestly, if I didn't hear the "crack" of these bats, and see the beauty of the birch grain, I'd swear these bats were made of aluminum."

-Mark Volpe- Former division 1 St. Marys University player and current MSBL player

"I was a little hesitant bringing out the "Carolina" Blue bat with the white handle during the World Series last week. First time up I got razzed mercilously by the catcher and home plate umpire. The teasing didnât last long however. I hit .435 for the week (including playoffs) in which our team, Red Deer, won the 58+ Central Wood Bat Division. Thanks for recommending such a fine piece of lumber!

P.S. I proudly wore the T-Shirt from your company all week, too!"

-Ron Wickers-
Red Deer Pro Collision Car Stars
2006 MSBL World Series Champions

"Mark! Thanks for the offer and info for my teammates. I know Frank is going to be happy with his bats! He saw mine at practice this Sunday. The one I bought from you on the way into the park @ Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona during the MSBL world series. Although his kid bought him a Sam bat for Christmas, he really liked the M^POWERED one I got from you and its feel. He liked it even more when I told him how good I hit with it in tournaments this winter!!!

He'll be like a kid with a new toy when he gets them! I really didn't want to use it in the cages, but the guys heard the difference in the sound when I used the M^POWERED bat compared to a H&B maple I had for B/P. You have a great product, and I am eagerly awaiting my three new ones from you, and the season to start here!!! Thanks again."

-Bill Rybak-

"Mark, I am sure you meet many people in your travels promoting your bats so I would not be surprised if you do not remeber me. I met you @ the Twins facility in the Ft. Myers area during the Roy Hobbs World Series Nov 1-9 2008. Having only hit with wood bats for the last 2 years there was a lot I needed to learn about them. You took the time to explain the difference in materials and finishing process as well as bat weighting.

I purchased 2 bats, I believe an MP74 and a MP71 one white handle pink barrel the other white handle blue barrel. I went on to use the bats in the remaining games we played and felt comfortableand confident @ the plate and really hit the ball solid. As promised you also included a pair of M^Powered Batting Gloves.

I want to thank you for the information you provided me that day, the wonderful bats I purchased, and what might be the best batting gloves I have ever tried on. I begin my preparations for next baseball season after the 1st of the year and M^Powered bats will be my arsenal. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a sincere thanks again."

-Willie Jacovini- Margate Hurricanes Baseball

"Mark, Got the bat Monday and son has used the bat twice for batting practice. My son loves it and we are happy with the product. I hit him so fly balls with it and also liked the bat. This bamboo thing is for real.

Being in Minnesota we have not had any organized team practices yet but I'm guessing that there will be some copy cat type kids and parents that will follow my lead to your product. Thanks for everything and I can say that M^POWERED is the way to go."


"Hi Mark, Great talking to you today- I just placed my order for the American Hickory 114; raw finish; 33" wood bat.  I was doing some shopping around your website and see a number of things I might be interested in.

I'm sure I'll be doing more buying over my son's baseball career- hopefully for him it will be a long one.  I think the next purchase will be a birch model- I'll let you know his reaction to the hickory. Keep up the fine work- I know there's a lot of bat turners out there but it's rare to find one with the customer service and quality you provide, thanks again."

-Mike Ferrence-