Special Services

M^POWERED STRATEGIC PARTNERS working through the prime operating company, M^POWERED BASEBALL is a GLOBAL sourcing organization. Our company can provide your company with manufacturing expertise, private branding, and the manufacture of large scale custom programs.

Our expertise is BRAND BUILDING.
Here are the parameters to link up with M^POWERED:
1) execute a manufacturing agreement;
2) execute a confidentially agreement and non circumvent agreement;
3) provide MPOWERED with a small retainer that will allow us to sample and counter sample your product for approval;
4) You, the client provides us with product design, logos, material and all pertinent product direction and we will sample your product for approval;
5) MPOWERED will set forth expectations for lead times;
6)M^POWERED will manage the entire process from sampling to production and delivery;
7) Terms: Once you approve the samples, we require a 50% deposit, and balance is due at sailing. Domestic production carries same terms.

M^POWERED is well situated to make large volume programs. M^POWERED is 100% client driven and can manufacture any quality desired by any client. We drive the process based on your needs, not ours.