Wooden Baseball Bats - The Advantages

Many coaches recommend that their baseball players practice with wooden bats. After all, that is what the pros use. But what are the advantages to practicing with a wooden baseball bat? What makes a wooden bat superior to aluminum? Here’s the lowdown on the advantages of practicing with a wooden baseball bat.

The bottom line is that it is considerably more difficult to hit well with a wooden baseball bat than it is to hit well with an aluminum bat. At first thought, that may not seem like an advantage. The truth is, though, that if you can develop a great swing by practicing with a wooden baseball bat, you’ll develop the skills that you need to get a great hit. You’ll be leagues ahead of the other players who manage to grab an easy hit with an inferior aluminum bat.

  • One of the advantages to using a wooden baseball bat is the presence of the sweet spot on the bat. The sweet spot is the place on the bat where you can get a hit that feels perfect and easy. When you use an aluminum bat, the sweet spot is huge. You don’t have to try very hard to get a hit. A wooden bat has a much smaller sweet spot, which forces the player to up his game and play at a higher level.

    When a baseball player has a smaller sweet spot, he has to be more cautious about which pitches he chooses. An aluminum bat can often produce a base hit from a less than stellar pitch, but a wooden bat doesn’t give you much margin for error. In order to avoid breaking your bat or getting an out, you have to choose which swings to take pretty carefully with a wooden bat.

  • Practicing with a wooden baseball bat also demands that the player develop excellent form and hitting mechanics. When you use an aluminum bat, you can take a sloppy hit and still get on base. A wooden bat, though, requires that the player swing with excellent form. This means that the player develops excellent skills and earns a great batting average. These skills carry forward to game play regardless of what type of bat the player takes to the plate.

    When a player has great form at the plate, their bat speed and power increase, as well. This means stronger hits and longer hits. You will take more bases if you train with a wooden bat. Many coaches recommend that players practice with wooden bats so that their skills are superb; then when they play with an aluminum bat during a game, they are way ahead of the competition.

  • Practicing with a wooden baseball bat helps players to develop a great set of skills to carry through their baseball careers. While it may be more difficult in the beginning, using a wooden bat for practice helps to establish players who have superior skills at the plate in comparison to their peers.

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