How to Find the Best Glove and Bat for You

youth baseball glove and bat

There is no question that many baseball players have been gifted with extraordinary talents. However, aside from these talents, it is equally important to recognize that having the right equipment will contribute to improving your game. Can you imagine Barry Bonds hitting all those homeruns if he was not using the right bat? How do you find the best baseball glove and bat for you?

Best Youth Baseball Glove

Did you know that when it comes to baseball, the definition of the best glove can change based on your need and the position you play? For example, an outfielder will need a larger glove compared to an infielder. And a pitcher only needs a basic glove if there isn’t much fielding to be done. So how can you know what is the best youth baseball glove for you?

  • Pocket Size – this is the part of the glove where the ball gets caught. When looking at the pocket size, you need to make sure that there is ample space between your thumb and first finger. To get the size of the pocket measure form the top of the first finger all the way down to the edge of the glove just before the wrist. This should give you the length of the glove. For young middle infielders the most common size used is 8 inches, and 13 inches for older players. This is the same way to measure the pocket size of the catcher’s mitt.
  • Webbing – this uses a number of styles to create the pocket. For a catcher’s mitt, usually closed web is used because it provides strength, durability, and flexibility in catching fast balls. Single and double post webs are also used in a variety of gloves.
  • Padding and Wrist Strap – baseball gloves today have more padding to help players by lessening the sting when catching balls. The wrist strap is designed to loosen or tighten the glove allowing a glove for a 10-year old to fit a 35-year old major leaguer.
  • Material – the final factor that can determine the best youth baseball glove is the material. To find the appropriate material, you need to determine how long the glove will be used. A standard glove made from either cow or deer skin leather provides durability and affordability. Higher end baseball gloves are made from kangaroo skin or bull skin for more durability. If you don’t intend to use the glove for a long time, you can choose one made from pig skin, which is less durable but provides more flexibility. Many youth baseball gloves are made from this because they are easier for the child to break in.

Best Youth Baseball Bat

Just like the youth baseball glove, you also need to choose wisely when it comes to the bat. How do you know what is the best youth baseball bat for you? In choosing the right youth baseball bat, you need to keep in mind some critical thing during the selection. The size and the weight of the bat matters a lot because these will dictate how efficient a young player can keep with the hitting mechanics, proper batting stance, and improve swing speed.

As far as the weight of the bat is concerned, majority of youth baseball bats have a length to weight ratio of about minus 10 and minus 13.5. What is the length to weight ratio? This represents the number of ounces that a bat weighs in comparison to its length. The higher the number gets, the lighter the bat becomes. Is it important to get a lighter bat? Probably if you are just starting out and working on the fundamentals. But many would recommend choosing a bat that would be easiest for you to control. You also have to keep in mind though that the greater the mass of the bat, the easier it is to put some power behind it to drive the ball farther.

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