What are BBCOR Baseball Bats?

The acronym “BBCOR” is a big deal in the world of baseball. The professionals do not have to worry about it, but everyone else who plays, does. The acronym stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient and it is the standard that is used for baseball bats in adult, college, and high school games. This standard measures the trampoline effect of the ball off of the bat. Previous standards measure the ball exit speed ratio (BESR). This measurement only applies to aluminum bats, not wooden ones. In order for bats to be allowed in appropriate leagues, they must have the appropriate certification and label.

How to Choose the Right BBCOR Bat

The question now is not about whether or not to use a BBCOR bat, but what kind of BBCOR bat to use. They come in one-piece and two-piece construction. Both options have pros and cons. Experts will claim that the choice should come down to whether you are a power hitter or a contact hitter, with the contact hitter using a one-piece bat and the power hitter using the other. Other experts will say that the best option is the one that feels the best in your hands when you are standing at the plate. The problem arises in the fact that most hitters are not able to swing a brand new bat at the plate until after they have made the purchase. So, how do you choose if you want a one-piece or two-piece bat?

How the Bats are Made

The first consideration is the way the bat is made. The BBCOR one-piece bats are made of composite or metal and they are one solid piece from the barrel to the handle. The two-piece bats have separate barrels and handles. The two-piece bats usually have different materials, with a composite handle and a metal or composite barrel.

To Flex or Not

The biggest difference between the two types of BBCOR bats is with the flexing of the barrel. One-piece bats are stiff, because they do not have the seam between the two pieces. This means that the two-piece bat will have more give and flex. The two-piece barrel has more trampolining, so the ball has more pop when it comes off of the bat. Some players do not like the flex, because it affects their follow-through at the end of the swing. Others do not like the stiffness of the one-piece bat because they feel that the ball does not go as far.

How the Bat Feels

When you hit a ball with a baseball bat, you feel it in your hands. The BBCOR two-piece bat is gentle on the hands because the seam between the two pieces cushions the strike against the ball. Those post-swing vibrations are dampered on a two-piece bat. However, the BBCOR one-piece bat still has the typical vibrations. Some batters do not wear batting gloves with the two-piece bat, because it is so uncomfortable to hit with.

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BBCOR bats

Both styles of BBCOR bats are good for hitters, but the best way to find out which is the bat for you is to swing them. Baseball players know when a bat feels good in their hands. Your experience with bats should also help you choose. If you have enjoyed stiffer bats, the one-piece BBCOR will be a good choice. If you prefer a bat that pops, the two-piece is the best option. If you have any questions about the BBCOR bats, the professionals at M^Powered can help you make a decision. Our 777 Power BBCOR bat is a favorite with power hitters. It comes in three colors and a variety of different sizes. It is priced affordably, too.

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