The Importance of BBCOR Bats

BBCOR BatsThere is a lot of talk in the sports world about different types of baseball bats, and you may not know what all the terms being thrown around actually mean. Well, here is the lowdown on BBCOR bats.

BBCOR stands for batted ball coefficient of restitution -- a term that really doesn’t make anything less confusing. Essentially, a BBCOR bat is intended to reduce the amount of bounce or spring back effect that a player gets when their aluminum bat makes contact with the ball. Simply, a BBCOR bat makes an aluminum bat function more like a wooden bat.

This begs the question, why would you want your aluminum bat to be more like a wooden bat? Well, the advantage of a wooden bat is that it doesn’t give a batter an unfair advantage by offering a trampoline effect when the player hits the ball. This is why professional baseball leagues require players to use a wooden bat. A wooden bat can be very heavy, though, and can also break and splinter. An aluminum bat is much lighter than wood, but tends to give a batter some extra bounce. A BBCOR bat is the best of both worlds because it is lightweight but functions more like a wooden bat, helping to keep the playing field level. High school baseball leagues now require BBCOR bats.

There have been many incarnations of non-wood bats, such as composite bats. However, many types of composite bats have faced problems. For example, a series of composite bats used in 2009 have since been outlawed. These bats met standards at the time that they were sold, but could be broken in to yield more desirable results. A process called rolling encouraged the composite bats to, over time, perform with more of a trampoline effect. BBCOR bats do not pose the same risk of breaking in and giving different results than they did at the time of purchase.

So what does all this mean when it comes to actually playing the game? Well, there are a few implications. The biggest implication -- and the goal, really -- is to level the playing field. The best players will be separated from the average players, because no one is getting an artificial edge from their baseball bat. This will also mean that we will see fewer home runs.

There is a bonus from BBCOR bats when it comes to safety, too. The trampoline effect provided by aluminum bats means that when the batter makes contact with the baseball, the ball can sometimes fly back so quickly that the fielders don’t have time to react, which can result in players getting hit by a fast ball and injured. A BBCOR bat gives the pitcher and fielders more time to respond, which reduces the likelihood of injuries.  Of course, a BBCOR bat doesn’t have the potential to break and splinter like a wood bat does, further reducing the risk of injury to players on the field or those on the sidelines.

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