The Advantages of Wooden Bats

It seems like every year there is a new wave of baseball bats that are supposed to be the best, hottest new bat on the market. But what about old reliable -- the wooden bat? The pros use wooden bats, so they must have some advantages, right? Well, let's take a look at the pros and cons of wooden baseball bats.

  • Many coaches believe that using a wooden bat teaches young players to swing properly. When a player uses an aluminum bat, the bat is so light that the player often swings only with his arms. Swinging from the arms only prevents the player from using the full power that their body has to offer. A wooden bat, however, is heavier than an aluminum bat and weighted differently, so it forces the player to use his whole body to swing the bat, swinging from the waist down. A traditional wooden bat helps the player to swing through and consistently drive the ball. Using a metal bat, a player may make contact and get some decent hits, but the player won't develop the proper form and use the full power of his body like he would with a wooden bat. When a player uses an aluminum bat, he can get away with being an “arm swinger."

  • Another advantage to using a wooden bat is that it requires more skill. Not only does the player need to swing properly, using his body from the waist down in addition to his arms, but he also must learn to hit the ball on the sweet spot. Simply making contact and hoping for the best is not enough. It is actually much easier for a player to feel the sweet spot when using a wooden bat versus an aluminum one. When using an aluminum bat, the player often doesn't need to find the sweet spot. When a player uses an aluminum bat, the bounce effect of the aluminum bat can result in a decent hit even if the player has poor form. A wooden bat forces the player to correct his form and use the sweet spot, resulting in a better baseball player. An aluminum bat can compensate for weak play and let the player get away with bad form.

  • Simply put, a wooden bat is more difficult to use than an aluminum bat.However, this is an advantage. Learning to use a wooden bat properly develops superior form and creates better baseball players. A player who practices with a wooden bat will develop greater hitting speed, greater power, and will have a better batting average.

  • Even if players use metalbats during game play, practicing with a wooden bat will give them an advantage. They will develop the proper mechanics and improve their skills using the wooden bat, which will translate to great hits during game play with an aluminum bat. If you really want to teach your players the fundamentals of baseball and develop excellent hitting mechanics, practicing with a wooden bat is a great way to lay the foundation.

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