Taping a Wooden Baseball Bat

Without substantial control of their swing, no baseball player, whether major league or simply recreational, would be able to get very far.

A big part of swing control comes down to the player's grip on the bat's handle, which can make a real difference to the quality of play.

Many baseball players find that taping a bat's handle is the best way to achieve a superior grip on the bat. There are two primary methods for wrapping a baseball bat's handle: full or criss-cross.

Both methods are equally effective for improving the player's grip on the handle and choosing one over the other becomes a matter of personal preference and comfort.

Here's how to do both. Before you begin, make sure you have a good quality baseball bat, and professional bat grip tape.

How to do a full wrap

Begin at the bottom of the handle, and use the bat grip tape to wrap around its base.

Once you've got the first layer secured around the base of the handle, angle the tape slightly and weave it further and further up the handle, allowing each section of tape to overlap the last.

As you reach the top, try to adjust the angle of the tape to bring it flat as it was at the beginning.

Once you've wrapped the final, flat layer, cut the tape and be sure to secure it firmly in place.

Work your way across the bat, making sure all the tape is pressed down.

How to do a criss-cross wrap

Begin, as you did before, by making one complete wrap around the base of the handle.

Then, angle the tape at 45 degrees, and leave gaps that between each wrap that make the bat resemble a candy cane. Work your way up the handle. Then start again with a new section of tape on the opposite side to create diamond patterns.

Once you've worked your way to the top, cut the tape. Cover the loose ends of the tape with a flat wrap around the top and base of the handle and secure in place. Finally, squeeze the handle to fix the tape to the bat.

You're done! Now it's time to enjoy your new and improved bat!


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