Specialty Baseball Bats from M-Powered Baseball

At M-Powered, we take pride in our baseball bats that raise the performance level of batters. But, we also take great pride in our specialty bats that help get those players to swing faster and hit harder. Along with a big selection of in-game baseball bats, we have a collection of specialty bats that are worth checking out and adding to your bat bag. Our specialty baseball bats are designed to help perfect all aspects of your hitting.

One-handed baseball bat. When you step to the plate for live pitching, you always swing with two hands, but a one-handed baseball bat will help improve your swing, one hand at a time. These smaller bats have larger knobs, so each hand stays put when you swing. The one-handed baseball bat helps develop top-hand strength and bottom-hand accuracy. When you get to put the two together, you will be ready to smack the ball over the fence. It is recommended to use our one-handed baseball bats for soft-toss sessions. Our 18” one-hand bat is perfect for youth batters and the longer 24” is ideal for adults. We also have one-hand bamboo bats in a variety of sizes.

Fungo bat. If you are a coach, this bat is a must-have. We offer a lightweight Fungo bat to help coaches coach. When coaches hit grounders and fly-balls, they swing and their arms get tired. The Fungo bat is extremely lightweight, usually at least with a -13 drop, so coaches can keep the practice balls coming. We put the weight at the end so you can swing easily and get that added distance to keep your players working hard. You can pick our M-Powered Fungo bat in your team color, favorite wood, and perfect length. Add some grip tape to build your bat to perfection.

Heavy baseball bat. While you will not want to use our 35 ounce heavy bat in the game, you will certainly want to swing it during batting practice. Science shows that it is easier to swing a lighter bat and get more tracking on the ball during the game. A heavy bat will help build muscles so you can swing those lighter bats even faster and you can use it during tee work, soft toss, and live pitching, too. Our M^P-HEAVY bat will help your get the overload your need to build muscle without taxing your joints. You can also use the M^P-HEAVY bat to help strengthen the bottom hand, which will help you get that added pop that makes the balls go farther. Many players use heavy bats to help improve the slow-twitch muscles as well as the fast-twitch muscles for better rotational mechanics.  You can also use the M^P-HEAVY bat to loosen up the joints during games and practices, too.

Stick Ball Trainer bat. Go old-school with the Stick Ball Trainer bat. This skinny bat is loaded with a small sweet spot to help hitters learn when and where to hit the ball. This bat is designed for soft toss training and is especially good with tennis balls, rubber balls, or training balls. This bat works as a quick-stick so you can get a faster swing to improve your hand-eye coordination during real games. The lightweight design will give you more swinging time in the cages because your muscles will not tire as quickly as they do with game bats. This bat is not designed for game balls. Like our Fungo bat, you can order the Stick Ball Trainer in different colors to represent your team.

If you have any questions about our training bats or any other products, please contact our customer services representatives at 1-877-662-6757.