Player Hits 3 Grand Slams with MPowered Baseball Pro Wood Bat

You Won't Believe This...Trust Me...You Gotta Read This Story

Three Grand Slams in One Game with MPowered Baseball Bat!”

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Don Fletcher, playing in MSBL Fall Classic in Florida, hits three grand slams

This story is beyond unbelievable.  As kids, and adults, we dream of coming up in the big situation, bases loaded, game on the line, and then we dramatically drive the ball over the wall and the crowd goes wild.  It becomes a true Gatorade moment.  Well, this happened last week in the West Metro Atlanta Men’s Senior Baseball Fall Saturday League.  But wait, there’s more!

Enter Don Fletcher, who plays on the 35-over GA Dawgs in the fall league.  He is playing to stay sharp for the MSBL Fall Classic in Florida, where he plans on competing.  As the clean-up hitter Don stepped to the plate with the bases juiced and promptly drilled one over the wall.  Ok, that was a great shot and home runs come at a premium in most MSBL divisions.  His next time up it was the same situation. You’re probably way ahead of me. Boom!  There it goes.  Another grand slam.  Unbelievable. Now it gets wild.

Yes, Don came up again later in the game, bases loaded…Bam! Out it goes for another four RBI. Three grand slams in one game! But it’s not over yet.  Don came up AGAIN with the bases loaded.  The Braves wisely walked him so that he would only get one RBI.  Somebody check Guinness!  (The world records, not the beer!)  Final score: GA Dawgs 22, 715 Braves 3.

Frank John is one of the pitchers who unfortunately had to face Don on this historic day.  "I pitched against Don on Saturday and he actually came up five times with the bases loaded!  The other time he hit with the bases juiced he hit a towering fly ball to right, around 250’.  He just missed it!!!!!!"

Frank is a veteran pitcher who also spends a lot of time on the mound at the MSBL World Series in Arizona with the Lehigh Valley Moondogs.  He added, "That is the first home run I have given up in five years.  Don really crushed those balls. I would guess that every home run traveled a minimum of 350'.

That would have been number "4” for the day.  None of the shots were cheap, either.  The fence in right field is 315 and he drove the ball over the right-center field fence each time.  There is also a screen above the fence to protect the pedestrians on the jogging track.  That fence is another 15’-20’ high.  Unbelievable is right!"  

Explained league president Ron Huck, "The Dawgs accumulated 25 hits and Don seized the opportunity against three different pitchers.  He finished the game with 13 RBI.  I give the other team credit for continuing to pitch to him.  It is all in good fun.  Our Fall League is in place as an opportunity to tune up for the Fall Classic and get new players ready for the new season.  I think Don is ready!”

Frank said to Mark Kreindler, President of MPowered Baseball, after the event, “You won’t believe this, I hit 3 Grand Slams in one game with the new HD bat I got from you!  The league wants to check with Cooperstown to see if this has ever happened ever at any level of baseball, we don’t think so, a first and with an MPowered bat”.