Pick Your Baseball Bat Wood

Baseball Bat Wood

At M^Powered Baseball, we take great pride in making the finest bats in a variety of different woods like maple, birch, ash, hickory, beech, poplar, and bamboo. Our Pro Series bats come in maple, birch, ash, and hickory. Our practice bats come in the other options. Our bats are designed to be durable and have just the pop you need and want.

The Choice of Professionals: The Maple Bat

When it comes to professional wood, maple bats are the choice of the majority of players. Maple bats are the strongest of the all of the wooden bat options. They are easiest to engrave because the grain is not noticeable. The pros love maple bats because of the pop that makes the ball travel farther. They appreciate the maple bats cover inside pitches better than other bats, too. The only problem with maple bats is that they tend to break when the ends hit the balls. Users sometimes complain that a mishit can sting a bit, too.

Check Out Birch Bats as a Solid Option

Birch bats are the second most popular option for pros, even though most professional players use maple bats during games. The birch bat has flex to it, even though they are nearly as strong as the maple bat. The grains are also not noticeable, so it is easy to customize the bat with engraving. Birch bats can create hits no matter where the ball is hit on the bat, so those who are new to using wooden bats do well with them. It might seem like birch bats are better than maple, but they do have one problem: they need to be broken in before they perform and pop as well as a maple bat.

Ash Bats are Good Choices for Novice Hitters

Ash bats are third in line, because of the smaller density. The wood flexes more than the birch and maple bats flex which gives the ash bat a bigger sweet spot. The grain is easy to see, so ash bats cannot be engraved as easily as the other wooden bats. The end allows for forgiveness on mishits, but the bats are not as durable as the other two, especially with inside pitches.

Pros and Cons for Maple Bats

If you are planning on buying a new wooden bat, it is worth considering a maple bat. These have been the go-to bat for the professional players ever since the first home run was hit with one. Ever since that day, more than 500 players in the MLB have been swinging maple bats. These bats get at least an extra 15 feet of distance over the other woods. If you follow baseball, you know the sound of the maple bat; it is distinctive with the loud, crisp smack. Maple bats also look great at the plate because they have a shine that is unmistakable and they look great hanging on the wall as a trophy, too. With good looks and serious pop, it is no wonder that this bat is the favorite right now.

Why Choose an Ash or Birch Bat

There are a few reasons to buy ash or birch, too. Maple bats might be the top bat for Major League hitters, but these are professional baseball players who know what they are doing. If you are an amateur with little experience with wooden bats, the maple bat might be too much. They have a highly focused sweet spot, which makes them less forgiving. Maple bats, like all wooden bats, do break, but they break more often than other wooden bats do.

As baseball is growing in popularity (again), wooden bats are seeing a resurgence in popularity and so are tournaments that use them. If you are fortunate to be involved in a wooden bat tournament, a birch bat is a good choice to add to your arsenal. Since it was so easy to hit a ball with a big barrel metal bat, novice players are revising their swings with birch bats, especially because they are forgiving and they have a large sweet spot. Ash bats are also popular for new wooden bat players. They are forgiving and light, so they are easy to swing. Results are good with both ash and birch bats.

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