Pick a Perfect Baseball Bat for Your Child

Choosing a bat can be a challenge, especially if you are new to baseball. At M-Powered Baseball, we want to make your baseball-bat-buying experience as easy as possible. Baseball bats come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to meet the needs of rookies and veterans. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect baseball bat:

T-Ball Beginning Bats

When your child is ready to step to the plate, it is helpful to buy a lightweight bat. Our ultra-light bats wood bats are perfect choices. A good bat length for a t-ball player is 24” or 25”. The slightly longer bat is better for a child who is tall for his or her age, while the 24” bat is better for a batter who is average height or smaller. While you might think to buy a longer bat to make it last longer, doing this does not help your child understand where to hit the ball on the bat.

Coach-Pitch Bats

The next step in many local baseball leagues is the coach-pitch or machine-pitch team. When your child is ready for this step, he or she can use the same T-ball bat, unless your child has grown. Lightweight bats are good choices because children get to take more swings that average during coach-pitch games. In the first year of coach-pitch, many children do well with 25” or 26” inch bats and in the second season, a 27” or 28” bat is better. Our Jr Maple Ultralight has a slightly bigger barrel, which gives the batter more real estate in which to hit the ball.

Kid-Pitch Bats

Wooden bats are acceptable for Little League players and our M-Powered Baseball youth bats are perfect for young players. The lightweight bats have the small barrel and they are perfect for the transition from coach-pitch to kid-pitch. Like coach-pitch, choose a bat based on your child’s size judged against the average size of a child. The range for beginning kid-pitch bats is 25” to 27”.

Special Considerations for Youth Baseball Players

When it comes to choosing a baseball bat, there are few things to know. It might seem like any-ol’ bat will do, but this is far from the case. It can be helpful to know the rationalization behind bat choice.

  • Children need to have bat that is just right so they learn how to hit at the “sweet spot”.
  • Lighter bats allow children to swing faster, which is an important skill for hitting.
  • The faster swing lets children hit the ball with more power.
  • Children should be able to hold a bat for 20 seconds before they get a shaky arm. If they cannot hold it for that long, then they need a lighter bat.
  • When a child has to move his hands away from the knob, then the bat is too big.
  • Young players need a lighter bat so they can learn proper swinging mechanics so they do not develop bad habits.

Baseball Bat Terms to Know

Learning about baseball bat terms will help you understand how to buy a perfect bat for your child. These terms are common industry standards:

  • Barrel size: This is the diameter around the sweet spot of the bat. Little League rules dictate a certain barrel size. Small barrels, like our M-Powered wooden bats, are perfect for fast swings and good contact.
  • Drop: This is a number that shows the ratio of the bat’s length to weight. It will show up as a negative number, like -10, -6, or -1. Before you choose a particular drop, check with your local league rules.
  • Grip: This is the covering on the handle. Some bats, especially wooden ones, do not have grips. At M-Powered, we offer a wide variety of tape and bat grip products so your child can keep his hands on the bat.

This chart should help you choose the perfect length bat for your child:

Age Bat Size
5, 6, 7 years 24” to 26”
8, 9 years 26” to 28”
10, 11, 12 years 28” to 31”
13, 14 years 31” to 32”
15, 16 years 32” to 33”
17 and up 34”


When you are ready to purchase a bat, our customer service specialists are ready to help you add M-Powered products to your child’s bat’s bag. Call 1-877-662-6757 - Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST.