Options in Custom Bats

Ordering custom bats for your baseball team is a great way to show unity and team spirit. There are so many options in custom bats, though; how do you know what to look for? Here are some tips to get you started in your search for custom baseball bats.

  • First, decide whether you want your custom bats to be engraved with the team name. Most likely, you do; the opportunity to display your team's name right on your equipment is often a big motivation for ordering custom baseball bats. If you do choose to have your bats engraved, many suppliers offer the engraving service for free as a bonus to your paid team order.

  • You should also pay attention to your timeline when you are ordering custom baseball bats. Most suppliers require a few weeks to complete and ship your order, so plan ahead. If you wait until the last minute, you won't have your custom bats in time for your first game.

  • The first big choice when ordering custom bats is what type of wood you want.Sugar maple bats contain 15% sap sugar from the tree. This provides the perfect level of hardness for your bat. Sugar maple bats are typically in the mid-price range. Sugar maple baseball bats are a very popular choice for professional players.

  • Yellow birch is another popular wood choice for custom bats because it has a great balance of hardness and density. It also has great weight control, and thus, an excellent balance point. The color and grain of yellow birch is beautiful, and similar in appearance to sugar maple. The price is also quite comparable to sugar maple. Yellow birch bats are gaining popularity with professional players.

  • Northern white ash is known as a good choice for baseball bats because it is very straight. The grain is very straight, and custom bat manufacturers will ensure that the bat you receive is professional quality. Northern white ash bats are naturally white in appearance, but when you order a custom bat you can have it stained to whatever color you choose.  Northern white ash is typically priced just slightly below sugar maple and yellow birch.

  • Bamboo is an interesting and environmentally friendly choice for your custom baseball bats. Bamboo is actually the hardest plant material on the planet. Many countries throughout Asia use bamboo to build scaffolding for use in the construction of large buildings. When bamboo is used to make a baseball bat, it is harvested and then machined. The best pieces are selected, and it is pieced together and set under pressure. It is then lathed, sanded until smooth, and painted. Logos and artwork are then added. Many custom bat companies use environmentally friendly paint for their bamboo bats to preserve their quality. Bamboo bats are comparable in price to sugar maple and yellow birch. Try out our bamboo - maple composite bats.

  • You will also need to choose the length of your bat. Check your league's rules before ordering to make sure the length of bat you choose is in compliance.

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