Maple Wood Bats

As your child moves along in his baseball playing journey, at some point his league will start playing with wooden bats. Wooden bats are a popular choice by leagues because they teach players better form and mechanics than aluminum bats do. A wooden bat will yield greater hitting speed and a better batting average over time and prepare the players for more advanced leagues over time.

Wooden bats can be expensive -- typically $70 - $110. On top of the cost, wooden bats tend to break more frequently. Nobody wants to shell out $100 for a bat just to have it shatter the first or second time it is used.Here are some tips on choosing a wooden bat to help you get the most for your money.

  • Maple wood bats have become very popular in the last decade. Maple wood is very dense and hard; it is harder than some other woods, like ash. This means that the ball will go farther when you hit it. Maple is also heavier than ash, which is good for developing strength and power.

  • Maple wood makes for a very durable, long-lasting bat. The surface doesn't flake, so you can use your maple wood bat for many years. An ash bat, on the other hand, begins to flake very early on in its use. This equals a loss of density. An ash bat will have to be taken out of use eventually due to a loss of density, even if it never breaks. Maple bats will never flake or lose density.

  • Maple wood does not have any flex in the barrel. Some types of wood, like ash, have a little bit of flex, similar to aluminum bats (though not as significant). This is not the case with maple wood. Your maple bat will not give any flex, which is good news because it teaches your player excellent mechanics at the plate.

  • Maple wood also has a beautiful, dense wood grain.This gives it a great, shiny appearance.

Maple bats are usually a little bit more expensive than the old standby, ash. They are also a bit heavier than an ash bat of the same size. If your player is younger or smaller, a maple bat may be a little too heavy for him to work with.

The other issue you might encounter with maple bats comes when they break. Maple bats don't just break; they shatter. This means that little pieces will fly everywhere. Some people worry about the safety implications of a shattering bat. You can avoid this by hitting the ball on the barrel of the bat.

A 2008 study has helped to minimize shattering maple bats. The study found that maple bats are more durable when the ball is hit on top of the wood grain. Because of this, the label on a maple bat is stamped with the grain. The player should still hold the bat with the label pointing up or down at the time of contact. This should help to cut down on shattering maple bats.

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