Home Runs: The Magic of Baseball

“Chicks dig the long ball” is one of the most iconic phrases in the modern era of baseball. Thanks to Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux and their popular 1998 baseball commercial, the power of the home run was put into perfect words. It is true that women do love to see a great home run, but it is also true that men do, too. When it comes to any play in baseball, nothing is better than a home run.

Seriously Difficult Skill

At M^Powered Baseball, we take the home run very seriously. We understand that hitting a long ball is really just physics in action, but we also know it is so difficult to get the physics to happen. Our bats are designed to aid in the physics, but it really does take a great swing, a perfect pitch, and a smack on the sweet spot of the bat. In the world of sports, hitting a baseball is regularly called the most difficult skill to master. This comes from the fact that pitchers are throwing balls that travel between 90 and 100 miles per hour and that the hitter has less than half of a second to judge where to swing. This is why baseball fans are so happy when players hit three out of every ten balls thrown to them!

Practice Makes Far-from-Perfect

Consider the fact that pitchers are always trying to confuse the batter with fastballs, curve balls, change ups, and other fancy pitches, it is truly amazing that any human being can hit a baseball. The best hitters do not just walk up to the plate and swing willy-nilly, they spend hours every day swinging at soft toss, the tee, and pitching machines. The players work with batting coaches who analyze every aspect of the swing, from foot placement, dropping of the hands, and extension of the arms. The fans get to see the outcome of that dedication and enjoy the romance of the time at the plate.

That Special Something

Despite the time and energy that baseball players spend practicing their swing, it takes more than simple practice to get it right. The baseball players who make it look easy use eyesight and concentration, as well as a sense of rhythm. They understand the way the ball moves, the angle of the bat, and the timing of the pitcher’s release. It is amazing to consider how much time goes into perfecting a moment that takes such little time.

Everything Comes Together

When a player hits a homerun, all of the pieces come together: Timing, power, speed, movement, and more. The moment attacks the senses, from the recognizable crack of the bat, the vision of the ball of the air, the taste of victory, and the luck of the fan who catches the ball. When fans leave the ballpark after the game, they do not talk about the singles, the stolen bases, or a particular pitch. No, they talk about the great moments - the home runs. It is the home runs that become iconic in the minds of the fans and the players.

Memorable Home Runs

Imagine the world without the Wrigley Field called home run from Babe Ruth, Kirk Gibson’s game winner in the World Series Game 1, Roger Maris’s 61st, or Derek Jeter’s fan assisted home run? Fans of all ages dream of catching a home run ball off of their favorite hitters. Children imitate their favorite players’ swings with the hopes of hitting their own long ball some day. The home run is truly the most magical part of the best game in the world.

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