How to Choose a Baseball Helmet

Thinking back to your childhood, you may recall baseball games of summer days with jerseys for bases, wooden bats and grass stains on your jeans, with safety being the last thing on your mind. However, with the developments in bat technology, even amateur players are able to hit a ball faster and harder than ever, which raises the concern of safety and makes baseball helmets a good idea, even for friendly informal games.

Choosing a baseball helmet can be a little tricky but once you learn to examine the quality of different helmets, you will begin to realize that a higher price tag can represent a much greater degree of safety. Modern materials which are used in the majority of helmets can resist the impact of even fast balls. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury and allow the game and the fun to continue.

Choosing the right helmet is the key to avoiding injury. The helmet should not feel clumsy or uncomfortable which can distract the player. It should fit properly and not obstruct the vision or create a blind spot in vision which will allow a player to not see a ball heading their way.

Good Quality Baseball Helmet

Baseball HelmetGood quality baseball helmets have areas of well-built padding in the interior. This is likely to be foam and this can be a vital shield for the head keeping it from the outer shell of the helmet. There should also be some sort of adjustable strap which allows the helmet to be tightened or loosened to allow a snug and comfortable fit. Although older style helmets tend not to have this feature, they are becoming more common on new models.

Ideally the helmet should have some type of ventilation on top or around the ear holes. Some models actually have ventilation in both areas. This prevents discomfort and ensures that players keep their helmets on throughout the game.

Some models of helmet are complete with a chin strap. This can assist in keeping the helmet snug and comfortable and it can also keep the helmet in place in the event of an impact. By staying in the correct position, the risk of injury is reduced even if the helmet is struck by a fast moving ball.

A good quality helmet which fits well will provide you with a reassurance of safety and a confidence of play. Spending a little extra money will definitely seem worth it, if it helps you to avoid an injury. Be sure to fully test out your new helmet before the game to ensure that you feel comfortable, know how to adjust it to make it fit perfectly and that you have no obstructions in your field of vision.

If buying for a child, don't be tempted to purchase a helmet that they can grow into. This can be at the very least frustrating for the child and at worst dangerous. You are looking for the child to be comfortable in the helmet, and one which is obviously too big will move around, obstruct their vision and make them feel the need to keep removing it.

The correct equipment is essential for great game play. Even if playing an amateur or friendly game, the reassurance that you and your team mates are protected can allow players to put their heart and soul into the game. This allows their natural talent to shine through and who knows there may be a talent scout sat in the bleachers.

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