How to Break in a First Base Mitt

A first base mitt is an important tool for a baseball player. Its deep pocket helps the first baseman to catch the ball and hold on to it. But the first base mitt isn't ready when you bring it home from the store. In order to develop that deep pocket, the mitt must be properly broken in before it is ready for game play. Follow these steps to break in your first base mitt, and you will be ready to play in no time.

  1. First, make sure you have the supplies that you need. There are only a few things. You will need to have your first base mitt, a baseball, some saddle soap, and a clean cloth. The first step is to rub the first base mitt down with saddle soap. You should rub the saddle soap onto the mitt in a circular motion. You don't need to use a lot of saddle soap; too much saddle soap can break down the leather of the glove, so start slowly. If you don't have saddle soap, you can also use Vaseline or baby oil. You can purchase specialty baseball glove oil at a sporting goods store to use in place of saddle soap, as well.

  2. Next, put a baseball into the pocket area of the first base mitt where you would normally hold the ball.When the baseball is in the proper position, tie the mitt closed with string. Leave the mitt tied closed with the baseball inside for a few days. This will help to develop that deep pocket that you are looking for in a first base mitt.

  3. After a few days, you can untie the mitt and remove the baseball. Now you need to move the first base mitt around a little bit. Put it on your hand and open it and close it a few times. Hold the baseball in the glove and squeeze it. You should also hold the edges of the first base mitt and roll them in and out. Do each of these steps several times a day, every day for about a week.

  4. The next step is fun. Take your first base mitt, put it on the ground outside, and hit it with your baseball bat. Turn it over, and make sure that you have hit every side. While it seems strange to beat the tar out of your brand new first base mitt, doing so will help to soften the leather and make it more flexible and ready for play.

  5. Your glove is almost ready now. The next thing you need to do to break in your first base mitt is to play with it. Put it on and play catch. The warmth of your hand and the oils in your skin will help to soften the glove and help it conform to your hand. Using the glove to play catch will help to develop that pocket even more. Once you have followed all of these steps and broken in your first base mitt by playing catch with it at home, you are ready to play ball!

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