Groundbreaking Color Changing Bats

Color Changing Bats

Change Your Plate Performance

At M^Powered, we are dedicated to doing what we can to improve players’ performance in the best game in the world. And now, we have created the perfect wooden bat for anyone who wants to learn more about their swing. The Color Changing Bats will give your more information about your batting practice than you ever thought imaginable.

Learn from Your Swing

A Color Changing Bat is not a novelty baseball item. It is a tool for anyone who wants to improve at the plate. We created the X^CELLSIOR Color Change Bat to change colors immediately so you can see where your hands were placed and where you hit the ball. This way you can figure out why so many balls go back to the pitcher or why so many balls go foul. You will be able to analyze your swing and grip without using video or photographs.

Most Unique Bat in the World

This bat is the only one that changes color with any type of heat, touch, or friction. This means that you will be able to see the exact spot where the bat and ball made contact. You will be able to see how your hands were placed on the handle. No other bat in the world can do this. You can check the spot right after you swing or you can take batting practice and see all of the locations where you made contact with the ball.

Options for Personalization

The Color Changing Bat is perfect for both batting practice and live games. You can order them in ash, maple, and birch, so you can have the weight that you prefer. They also come in incremental lengths from 31 inches to 34, with a few half sizes in between. You can order a Color Changing Bat in one of the many different professional style bats so you can get the handle and barrel that you like the most.

Groundbreaking Baseball Bat

This groundbreaking baseball bat could change the way that every baseball player from Little League to the MLB learns to swing the bat. Most amateur baseball players can only feel their swing (unless they practice at a high-tech facility); but with M^Powered Color Changing X^CELLSIOR wooden bats, amateur players can know what the pros know - exactly where the sweet spot happens to be. Players can then build the muscle memory that it takes to hit the ball in that sweet spot to build a respectable batting average.

Color Options and Markings

The Color Changing Bats come in several colors. While the color change is noticeable to the eye, it is not permanent. Our red bats change to yellow. We also offer four black bats; they change to white, wood grain, royal blue, or red. All of the Color Changing Bats come with the M^Powered Logo, the American flag, and the approved model number that is required for legal play by different baseball leagues.

Affordable Batting Technology

While many baseball bat companies continue to raise their prices, at M^Powered we strive to keep our prices affordable. For all of the technology we put into our Color Changing Wooden Bats, the price is priced to sell. We want baseball players of all abilities to be able to benefit from the Color Changing Technology because we believe in our product.

Contact Us with Questions or to Place an Order

When you are ready to add a Color Changing Bat to your collection, check out your options and order an M^Powered Color Changing Bat today! If you have any questions, please contact us through our email: or via telephone: 1-877-NO-CORKS (or 1-877-662-6757) Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST. We look forward to telling you more about the most exciting bat on the market today!