4 Crucial Factors to Consider About Maple Bats

It has been over a decade since Barry Bonds managed to break the single season record for home runs while using a Maple bat. That season was the ultimate showcase for the durability and reliability a maple baseball bat represents. Although maple had been used for baseball bats for many years even back to the late 80's favored by players such as Joe Carter, it was Bond's 2001 season which created a huge surge in popularity and demand.

Many experts believed that maple bats were a fad, like many other trends that come and go. However the performance of maple bats has begun to silence these experts and the critics who advocated avoiding maple use.

There have been a number of negative issues surrounding maple bats where injuries have occurred. Prime examples occurred in 2008 when a Pittsburgh Pirates coach was hit in the face by a piece of a broken maple bat at Dodgers Stadium and later that season a piece of bat left the field and hit a fan in the stands. However, studies conducted in 2005 found that there is no significant difference in the speed of a ball coming off an ash or maple bat.

Maple bats give hitters an increased confidence and it is still known to be the material of choice for the majority of players in the MLB. Although the exact figure is unknown, reports estimate their popularity at between sixty and seventy percent of players using maple.

Maple bats do have a longer lifespan which provides evidence for their durability. A number of studies have been conducted and found that in the MLB the average lifespan of an ash bat is a week, whereas the maple bat has an average lifespan of approximately a month.

This demand and increase in popularity have meant that maple remains a firm choice for professional grade bats. The increased strength, performance and durability achieved with a maple bat have made it the best choice for many players. However, there are a number of factors you should consider before you choose a new bat.

  • Comfort: The bat must feel comfortable. As with all sporting equipment, you must feel comfortable and confident with your bat. This will increase performance and allow you to showcase natural talent.

  • Weight: This can be a major consideration. Many people prefer a lighter bat as it can be swung faster and be easier to handle. If you are playing in an official league, there may be some weight restrictions which you will need to adhere to.

  • Playing Standard: The standard or level at which you are looking to play is also a consideration. This can not only restrict the weight but other factors such as size. Every official league has some form of rules or regulations about bats and other equipment permitted during play, so be sure to check the specifics.

  • Brand: There are a variety of different brands available. Many popular brands have a reputation for quality or durability. If you are unsure about particular brands, try a little online research, or seek recommendations from friends, family or potential team mates.

A bat can typify the confidence and skill of a batter. The right bat can feel like an extension of the players arm and highlight their natural talent. Maple bats are still a hugely popular choice for most standard of bat and the majority of brands produce a range of bats made from maple.

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