What to Look for in First Baseman Gloves

First baseman gloves look noticeably different to other types of baseball gloves or mitts. This type of glove has a long history and was first worn by Doug Alison. He found that during games, when catching balls his hands would crack open and get damaged.

He started wearing gloves to protect his hands and enable him to keep effectively catching the ball. This was quite unusual since many other players thought the idea of wearing gloves was silly and even when they became more widely introduced throughout the sport, many players were reluctant to wear them.

Early versions of these gloves were made from leather and had the fingertips removed to allow greater control of the ball. One particular first baseman, who initially didn’t favor the use of gloves, became an advocate of glove use throughout the whole team and actually founded an equipment company specializing in baseball gloves.

First Baseman GlovesThe glove is used for the player when throwing the ball. Since the majority of first basemen are left handed, the gloves are usually made to fit the right hand. However there is an option for right handed basemen which fits the left hand. The gloves tend to made from a variety of different materials; however the predominant material is leather.

The majority of gloves on sale today are mass produced by machines. There are specialist companies who make a range of hand-made gloves which can be custom made to fit the hand, but these tend to be quite expensive. There is a huge selection of machine produced gloves which have different styles, materials and sizes, so it can be fairly simple to find a glove that fits just right.

First baseman gloves tend to have far less padding than you would find on a catcher’s glove. They have a longer length to allow the player to reach and scoop the ball and catch the balls thrown by infielders. They also have a shallow pocket which allows the player to quickly retrieve the ball.

The modern style of first baseman glove has evolved over the years. Hank Greenberg is the player most experts credit as the first to wear this particular modern style of glove during play. As with most baseball gloves, there are certain things to consider before purchasing. These include:

  • Material: This is usually leather, but there are a variety of types and qualities

  • Size: The glove should fit snugly with enough padding around the hand but not so much that ball control ability is compromised.

  • Density: Heavy leather gloves do require a certain amount of breaking in. This type of density is not always available for youth sizes. These sizes usually have additional padding and adjustable Velcro wrist straps.

  • Fit: Many parents are tempted to buy larger gloves to allow room for growth, but this is not really a good idea. The glove should stay firmly on the hand with a snug fit. This will help encourage talent and prevent the risk of injury.

Glove CatchersFirst baseman gloves can be an essential part of baseball equipment. They provide a protection from hand injury and can really help the skill and speed of the game. The purchase of this type of glove for children can; nurture new found talent, help build confidence and encourage children into team play. This can provide an essential part of childhood and allow their love of the game and sporting talent to flourish.

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