Improve Your Game with the Right First Base Gloves

First Baseman Gloves

The first base glove is technically classified as a mitt because of the lack of slots for your fingers. This is designed usually with a larger face to allow you to dig the ball out of the dirt when necessary. Does this mean you need a bigger glove? Not necessarily so because you may sacrifice your control if the mitt is too large for you. So how can you find the right first base glove to improve your game?

Right or Left

Before you go out and buy a mitt, you have to make sure that you are committed to play first base. Why is this important? Because if you really want to stay at first base, then you can actually invest in better quality gloves. First baseman gloves are usually priced from $50 to $300+, obviously, the pricier ones have better construction and higher quality material. These types of gloves can take the pounding of the game for many seasons.

Are you right- or left-handed? Is this important? If you are a right-handed player, you need to look for a glove that is marked regular so that it fits nicely into your left hand allowing you to toss and retrieve the ball better. If you are playing left-handed, the glove you are looking for should be marked full right. Interchanging them will negatively impact your game.

First Base Gloves Buying Guide

One of the reasons why the right first base gloves should be bought is that it helps to protect the players from possible injury. Undoubtedly, the first baseman mitt has undergone a lot of innovations and renovations in design since its introduction in 1941.

What are the factors that you should consider when you are shopping for the right glove for you? Here are some important considerations:

  • Mitt Size – as mentioned earlier, there is good use for having a larger mitt size like getting the ball out of the dirt quicker. A larger mitt size also gives the thrower a bigger target to aim for, which can be crucial for infield plays.
  • Webbing – there are typical 8 different types of webbings used with baseball gloves. For infielders, the most commonly used webbing has a looser stitch to give them more control of the ball and throw it out faster. The design of the webbing also allows players to avoid picking up large chunks of dirt when picking up the ball.
  • Padding – the amount of padding on the glove would depend on the actual position of the player. Among all positions, the catcher’s mitts has the most padding because of the need to protect the hands of the catcher from high velocity pitches. The first and third base gloves have the next highest amount of paddings. When buying your first base gloves, make sure that the amount of padding does not affect your ball control.
  • Wrist Adjustments – some gloves have this, some do not. What is the advantage of getting a glove with wrist adjustments? Basically, this will help give the glove a better fit on the player’s hand. It also makes it easier to put on and remove the glove. Make sure that the wrist adjustment does not constrict the movement of your wrists.
  • Glove Material –your choices can be leather, mesh, treated leather, and synthetic. If you are using the glove for a long time, it is best to invest in one that is made of leather material because it gives better comfort and is more durable. Younger players can start with first base gloves made from synthetic materials because they are lighter and less expensive.

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