Fantasy Baseball Prospective Targets

Fantasy Baseball

What are the 2 key ingredients for a winning season? Drafting good players and ensuring they remain healthy. However, these do not necessarily result in an automatic championship because the decisions made during the season will have a lot of bearing on reaching a team’s target.

Prospects have a lot to do with how a team is projected to perform. The good news is that there are always prospects worth looking into. Let’s take a look at some of the fantasy baseball prospective targets.


Recognized mostly as the single most influential player in a baseball game, pitchers literally hold the game outcome in the palm of their hands. So who should you consider as pitchers for your fantasy baseball team?

  • Alex Reyes Anyone who can throw at 100mph definitely deserves a slot in your fantasy rotation. This right-hander was suspended for 50 games during the 2016 season because of marijuana use. But you cannot discount the fact that despite this, he had a 2-3 record in the AAA with 4.96 ERA during 14 starts. He also retired 93 hitters in 65.1 innings. From the bullpen, Reyes registered a 4-1 record with 1.57 ERA in 12 games. In 5 starts and a save he had 52 strikeouts and 23 walks in 46 innings.
  • Tyler Glasnow As a starting pitcher, it is projected that 2017 will be the year for Tyler Glasnow to shine. At the major leagues where he got 23 innings with 4 starts, he did not get much success. From the AAA last season however, much promise has been seen. He went 8 for 3 in 20 starts with a 1.87 ERA. He got 133 strikeouts in 110.2 innings.
  • Kyle Hendricks Showing significant improvement during the 2016 season, Hendricks was considered as the 7th most valuable starting pitcher by the ESPN Player Rater. Many believe that his tremendous performance can be easily duplicated in this coming season. Some however remain doubtful because despite posting solid pitching numbers, many attribute his success to the vaunted defense of the Cubs. During that season, the defense saved 82 runs, which was 31 more compared to the next highest team total. His ERA was 2.13.
  • Justin Verlander Ranked 10th among starting pitchers, Verlander is widely considered as a fantasy ace. With 10.04 strikeouts for every 9 innings, he benefits from an unusually high strand rate and strangely low BABIP. His team is the 2nd worst in terms of DRS with a -56 saved runs, this makes it difficult to uphold the BABIP and strand rate from the previous season. This could also impact his standing as a top 10 pitcher.

Other Field Positions

Aside from pitching, there are two other field positions worth looking at. Giving due notice to these positions may prove to be the edge needed by your fantasy baseball team. What positions should you look at with more attention?

1. Shortstop

In this position, Dansby Swanson is the player that can make a difference in this position. Starting the season scorching hot, he got the chance to go to the major leagues for 38 games. Playing for the Atlanta Braves, he stepped onto the plate 145 times where he hit 0.302 that gave him 0.803 OPS.

2. Outfield

Having an outfielder that packs some power is definitely an advantage. Getting this from a rather young player would be a bonus. Who are the players to look for?

  • Aaron Judge At just 24 years old, he registered 0.179 hits during 95 appearances at the plate playing in the big leagues. This may not sound impressive, but hitting 4 home runs (one bouncing off the restaurant windows at center field) in Yankee Stadium can be an eye-opener. In the minors he struggled a bit until he makes the proper adjustments. In 2015 he posted number of 0.224 hits in 61 games with 8 homeruns. Last season, his numbers went to 0.270 in 95 games, hitting 19 homers.
  • Hunter Renfroe For a team that needs a lot of offense, this outfielder can definitely slug it out. In the AAA he hit 0.306 and 0.893 OPS with 30 homeruns and 105 RBI. In the majors, he hit for 0.371 with 4 homeruns in just 11 games.

Now, if you’re looking to beef up your fantasy baseball team, these are definitely prospective targets you should be looking into.

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