Custom Bats – Designed to Fit Your Needs

Baseball is the best game on the planet and hitting a baseball is the most difficult athletic feat. Why not celebrate your ability to smack a baseball over the fence with your very own custom bat. At M^Powered, we offer a wide variety of pre-made bats, but why not give yourself a special treat by getting a bat designed just for you.

At M^Powered, we have made it very easy to order custom bats designed just for you, for a loved one, or for an entire team. Building a collection of customized bats for an entire team helps bring the team together. Opposing teams become intimidated by the fact that everyone swings the same bat and that the team took the time to get custom bats.

Before you place your order, there are a few considerations to make.

The first thing you will want to do is decide exactly what you want on the bat. We can fully customize each bat by engraving individual names or the name of the team. With your name engraved on the bat, you will look just like the professionals. If you are giving the bat as a gift, imagine the surprise your loved one will experience seeing a fully engraved bat personalized with the recipient’s full name. Custom engraving is one of the biggest benefits of ordering personalized, customized bats.

It is important to know exactly when you need your bats, so you place your order in time to actually use them. If the team knows you are ordering custom bats, they will want to have them for the first game. The bats will become just as important as having the full team uniform - without the bats, the team will feel incomplete. If you plan to order them as gifts for the individual players at the end of the season, it is also important to pay attention to the time frame for ordering, manufacturing, engraving, and shipping.

You will also need to decide what type of bat you actually want. Our wooden bats are available in several different woods including maple, ash, birch, hickory, beech, and bamboo. We can make a bat out of any of those woods. When it comes to the professionals, maple is the current favorite because of their hardness and their solid weight. But, younger players prefer something lighter, like an ash or bamboo bat. Birch bats are also popular, simply because they have an attractive grain and they weighted appropriately. Professionals who do not like the maple bats tend to choose the birch bats.

Younger players like the ash bats, which come from northern white ash. The grain is straight, which makes the ash bats durable. At M^Powered, we can stain our ash bats to the tint you would like. Some of our customers prefer to have some parts of the bat painted black, simply because it looks tough and intimidating to the pitchers. Ash bats are priced a bit higher than maple and birch.

The bamboo bat is the new choice for people who are concerned for the environment. Other hardwoods take years to regrow in the forests, but bamboo grows like a weed. Plus, bamboo is actually a very hard wood that is often used in building construction. Bat manufacturers will use pressure to put two pieces of bamboo together. Then, the bat is sanded to a fine, attractive grain, then painted. It is also possible to get a bat made of both bamboo and maple, for a truly hard bat that can hit balls out of the park.

Once you decide what type of wood and finish you would like, you will then need to decide the perfect length. At M^Powered, we can help you choose the best length and take care of your other custom bats needs. Contact us at: 1-877-NO-CORKS or 1-877-662-6757.