Custom Bats Designed Just for You

Customized bats are all the rage. With all of the options available for batters, it was only time that companies, like M^Powered, began offering custom bat designs. Even though the bats at M^Powered are affordable, customized bats often cost significantly more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ bat.

Get a Truly Customized Bat

For some companies, selling a custom bat allows customers to put a special design on the knob and choose color combinations for the barrel. While this might be a fun thing to do for a young player’s birthday, this type of customization does not enhance the batter’s play. Instead of wasting money on pricy designs, your money is better spent ordering a bat in your choice of wood, desired length, and cupped or uncupped end. These customization choices will affect your play at the plate.

Spending Your Money Wisely

With an M^Powered custom bat, you can choose from several different wood choices. We have wooden bats in maple, birch, ash, and hickory. Our Pro Wood Bat models come in medium and large barrels, as well as a elongated large barrel option. You can also choose the length and diameter of the handle, from thin, medium, and large to ultra large.

We offer our wooden bats with raw handles so you can customize the bat with your favorite grip tape in your lucky color. You can also choose to have the end of the bat cupped or not, depending on your preference. Some of our pro wood bats also give you the option of choosing a color for the barrel with choices like red or blue, pink or caramel, as well as raw or black. You can also choose your favorite bat length, too.

Look Like Your Favorite Pro

A customized wooden bat will make you feel like a professional big league player. You can even choose to have your bat customized like your favorite MLB player. For example, if you wanted to have a bat like the best hitter in baseball, Miguel Cabrera, you could! You would want a maple bat with a black barrel and cupped end. He uses a one-inch handle with drop two or three (depending on the length you need). He also prefers a large knob at the end. If you prefer a National League hitter, then you could model your bat after Giancarlo Stanton’s bat. He also swings a maple bat in all black and 34” in length. Even though players like a certain length, it does not always mean that length is appropriate for your swing. Contact us at M^Powered if you have any questions about bat length.

Get a Customized Glove

Having your own custom designed bat is one thing, but having your own custom glove is another. Along with offering customized bats, at M^Powered we also provide fully customizable gloves, too. These can be created just for you and your position of choice: Pitcher, Infield or Outfield, Catcher, or 1st Baseman. You can pick from three leather options: Japanese Kip, American Kip, and USA Steerhide. We offer several options for thread colors, like black, white, red, yellow, orange, and green. You can also have customized embroidery in the same colors in either a block or script font. And, of course, you can choose a left-handed or right-handed glove based on your throwing hand.

Imagine how your game would benefit from batting with a fully custom bat and from fielding with a customized glove. If you have any questions about customization, please call us at 1-877-662-6757 Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM PST or email us at