Some of the Best Baseball Players of All Time

While we at M^Powered have a special place in our hearts for #7, Mickey Mantle, we do realize that there are other outstanding baseball players in the history of the game. We do understand that our list of the best baseball players may not be exactly the same as your list, but we created this list to start some conversation. We are using a variety of tools to determine our list of players, including statistics, but also personality, style, and longevity. These players are in no particular order, so the first name we list is not “better” than the last player on the list. Here we go…

Mickey Mantle: Our love of “The Mick” comes from his ability to blast home runs out of the park, play through intense pain, and his natural ability as a ball player. His lifetime batting average of .298 is impressive, but his average of 36 home runs (536 over 18 years) is even more impressive.

Babe Ruth: No “Best of Baseball” list would ever be complete without the Great Bambino. No other player in the history of the game has as many legends, from the predicted home run at Wrigley Field to the Curse of the Bambino at Fenway. During his 22 years in baseball, his batting average was a powerful .342. His 1921 home run record of 59 stood for decades; some say the record is still valid because players played fewer games with Ruth was in the League. He was in the first class to be elected into the Hall of Fame. His larger-than-life personality accompanied is prowess on the field.

Ty Cobb: This Detroit Tiger may have been an “ornery” player, but he could play. He was around during the Dead Ball Era, so his home run statistics pale in comparison to modern players, but his batting average of .366 puts him in the eighth position in the history of the game. His fielding percentage averaged .961 and he earned many MVP awards. The Tigers do not retire many numbers or build statues to many players, but they have honored Cobb with both (even though he predates jerseys - his name is on the stadium wall without a number). We can only imagine what Cobb would have done with one of our bats!

Willie Mays: The Say Hey Kid spent his years playing for the New York and San Francisco Giants where he hit for a meaty .302 batting average. During his 22 years of playing, he led the league in several areas, like on-base-percentage, home runs, and stolen bases. He was a joy to watch and many say that the All-Star Game was created so the world could watch Mays play.

Miguel Cabrera: If you have never watched “Miggy” play the game, you are in luck, because he is still playing. The iconic Detroit Tiger and Venezuela native as redefined the idea of batting because of his comfort at the plate and his ability to hit the ball - well - everywhere. In 2012, he won the Triple Crown for his top numbers in batting average, RBIs, and home runs. Even with serious injuries that required off-season surgery, Cabrera has been able to come back and deliver impressive numbers. His current batting average after 12 season is .320.

Randy Johnson: No, he’s not Cy Young or Sandy Koufax; but the Big Unit could throw. His ERA was a jaw dropping 3.29 and he earned the Cy Young award five times for his impressive statistics. He frequently led the league in strikeouts per innings pitched and strikeouts in general. His style on the mound was second-to-none and any batter, who saw the famous bird kill, should have feared the man who could throw 102 miles per hour.

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