Which Are the Best Baseball Gloves?

best baseball gloves

How do you know if you own the best baseball gloves? With so many choices available, how do you find the right glove? The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to which are the best baseball gloves. This is because obviously, the answer would depend on the individual players that will be using it. However, as a general rule, there are some specific things that you can look at.

The Material

The best baseball gloves would definitely be made from high quality leather. When it comes to baseball gloves, the most common materials used are oil treated leather, synthetic leather, and premium leather. If you are a young player, synthetic leather may be the best for you because it is cheap and does not need to be broken in. Unfortunately, it does not follow your hand like other materials.

Oil treated baseball gloves are softer and can be broken in easier. As far as the best material is concerned, it would have to be premium leather, which can be quite expensive and takes a long time to break in.

Web Style

Two web styles are used for baseball gloves – open and closed. The difference is that open web is ideal for infielders because it gives the dirt a way to fall through the baseball glove so you avoid scooping up dirt in getting the ball.

The closed web is ideal for pitchers because they can conceal the ball and not reveal the kind of pitch they are throwing. It is also ideal for outfielders since it gives them a way to block out the sun as they chase down fly balls. So you see, you need to consider the position you are playing when searching for the best baseball gloves.

The Backing

Infielders and catchers prefer the open back because it gives them better flexibility, while outfielders and first basemen use the closed back for stability at the wrist.

The Size

The typical baseball glove size is anywhere from 9 to 12.5 inches. And just like shoes, anything too small or too big can be bad for you. This is why in order to get the best baseball gloves, you have to measure your hand or have it measured at the sports store so that you get the proper fit.

Possible Considerations

Although we have said that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, here are some possible considerations on which are the best baseball gloves today.

  • Wilson A2000 DP15GM – considered as the best infield model designed by Dustin Pedroia. This glove meets all his needs including exceptional comfort and superior fit. Made from high quality leather, it will surely last for a long time.
  • Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1277P – price-wise, this is one of the best with the lowest price tag. It helps players gain exceptional control when playing outfield positions. The soft liner gives your hand a comfortable all around fit with the fatter lacing providing it with an excellent look. In terms of strength and durability, it can compete with more expensive brands and models.
  • Rawlings GG Gamer G601B – another outfielder glove, it features exceptional strength due to its unique trapeze web. The pattern serves as an extension and allows the main pocket to actively shift to the center. The unusually deep pockets give you an advantage when chasing down balls or liners.
  • Rawlings HOH Dual Core 1st base – designed specifically for first basemen, it consists of strategically placed break points for better catching. Its high quality leather accounts for the durability and strength of the glove including shorter breaking in time.
  • Louisville Omaha Flare – an infield glove, it is designed to be slightly wider than others in its class. The web pattern gives it a bigger area to help in getting to those grounders. Your hands will not feel tired with this glove made from top grade leather because it only comes in at less than 2 pounds.

Now, that you know some of the considerations for the best baseball gloves, head on to M^Powered Baseball to find the best glove for you.