Baseball Players Newcomers: How to Make It into the Main Team

Baseball Players Newcomers

To become a great baseball player you need the combination of skills, attitude, and proper equipment. All of these ingredients, when properly harnessed will help mold any young player into one of the best that the game has seen. Once you understand how to put all these elements together, making it into the main team will be a breeze. How do you do it?


It would be nice to just step up to the plate and ram that ball all the way to the parking lot, right? However, hitting in baseball is a process that involves both physical and mental skills. How do you maximize and harness the power from these two areas?

  • Proper feet placement – the front foot must be completely up and down before getting into the swing. Slow and controlled is how the front foot is characterized to ensure that the balance is maintained and the swing gets to the ball in time.
  • Fast hands –in order to drive the ball, maximize bat speed, and proper contact point, fast hands would be necessary in determining the ball’s exit velocity. Therefore, the faster your hands are, the harder and farther you can drive the ball.
  • Keep head still – this is essential to ensure that the hitter maintains balance throughout the swing.
  • Back shoulders – this part of the hitter’s body must remain as tall as possible as he swings through the ball. Maintaining this posture makes it easier to hit line drives at bat.
  • Attach inside part of the ball – the goal is for the bat to hit the inside part of the ball so that it jumps off the bat and avoid a mishit.

Aside from these physical aspects, the hitter must remain focused when standing at the plate not only to see the pitch as it comes, but also to remain alert and in touch with what is happening in the game at that given moment.


Baseball player newcomers will have a greater chance of making it to the team if they learn the proper throwing techniques. By learning these techniques, players will be able to throw harder and with greater accuracy, aside from preventing injuries. What are the steps?

  1. Start by kneeling down and flicking the ball to another person. Flicking strengthens the wrist. The non-throwing elbow must remain on your step leg. Focus on the wrist action as you throw once you have mastered the two-finger grip. This activity primarily loosens you up.
  2. From the kneeling position, start throwing the ball. The focus here is how to keep your arm above your shoulder and keeping the fingers pointed towards the thrower. This helps prevent short-arming the throw while getting a good arm extension.
  3. Continue by standing up and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. The focus is the hip turn so the feet must be properly planted. Start throwing without moving your legs to get the proper hip action.
  4. The last step of the throwing exercise is to master the follow through. To get the proper follow through, the back leg should be able to come around. From the previous position, hip turn and follow through using the right leg. You must step with your throwing leg.

For each set of exercises, about 10 to 15 throws would suffice. When done properly and continuously, this strengthens your wrist and arms while achieving the necessary throwing power and accuracy.

Final Notes

It is great if you get the physical and mental skills down to a tee. However, you must realize that there are two other crucial things that you must constantly observe. What are these?

  1. Warm up – any time you exercise or get into the game you must make sure that you have warmed up properly. Do not focus only on your arms and legs, but your entire body. You need your whole body to be in sync to become a great ball player.
  2. Proper equipment – some trainers and coaches often overlook the importance of having the right and high quality equipment. Unfortunately, developing your skills would be extremely difficult if you do not have the right bat or glove fit specifically to you.

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