Baseball Gloves 101 - MPowered Baseball

For baseball players, their glove is like an extension of their body. When it comes to choosing the perfect glove, players need to make a few decisions. Different types of gloves are better suited to different types of positions. The size and material of the glove also makes a difference in the player’s performance.

At M^Powered, we care about your entire game, so along with our professional quality bats, we also offer a selection of baseball gloves made from custom tanned Texas Steerhide and USA Kip Leather.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When you are selecting your baseball glove, you should consider the fit. Your glove should not be too tight; it should have space so you can wear a batting glove with it. In fact, it is recommended that players wear a batting glove when they play because the glove will protect your baseball glove leather from the oils, salts, and dirt that accumulates on your bare hand. You should also be sure the glove has ample padding so your hand is protected against those hard-hit balls.

Left and Right Gloves

At M^Powered, we do not price our right-handed or left-handed gloves differently. We ask that you select your glove based on your throwing hand. If you are a right-handed player, you throw with your left and catch with your right. The left-handed players wear gloves on the right so they can throw with the left. All of our gloves are available for both hands.

Once you have a position that you play on a regular basis, you will want to add the right type of glove to your collection of gear. The positions that have special gloves include the pitcher, catcher, first-baseman, infielder, and outfielder.

The Pitcher’s Glove

Pitcher's Glove
The pitcher’s glove is an important tool for the pitcher, but they do not need to have as much performance out of their gloves like other players. Pitcher’s gloves need to be comfortable, because they are always catching the balls thrown back from the catcher. Pitcher’s gloves need to be big enough to keep their hand movements secretive and the gloves need to be lightweight so they do not hinder the pitching motion. Our pitchers gloves have a closed web and ample padding.

The Catcher’s Mitt

Catcher's Gloves
The catcher’s glove or mitt is the most unique of all gloves. This glove has open fingers, rather than the separate compartments of the other gloves. The catcher’s glove is the quickest to break down because of the constant stream of fastballs. They also tend to be stiffer gloves than the other position player gloves are, so they do need some time to break in. Catcher’s mitts are rounded with protective padding, a basket-like pocket, and a closed webbing.

The First Baseman’s Glove

First Baseman's Glove
The first baseman’s glove is continually changing. Since this position catches more balls than most other positions, the gloves have evolved into a cross between the infielder’s glove and the catcher’s mitt. They tend to be long gloves with large pockets but with more flexibility than catcher’s mitts. The fingers are strong to keep scooped balls in the glove and they usually have open webbing.

The Infielder Glove

Infielder Glove
The infielder glove is designed for the quick catch-and-release action that happens at second, shortstop, and third base. These gloves are smaller than first base gloves. They do have deep pockets and webbing in a variety of different styles. Third basemen tend to prefer gloves with closed pockets because they usually catch harder hit ball than the other positions.

The Outfielder Glove

Outfielder Glove
The outfielder needs a glove that will catch balls, rather than allow for quick release like the infielders need. The outfielder glove is larger than the infielder glove. Deep pockets help outfielders keep the ball in the glove. Most outfielders enjoy gloves with close webbing between the thumb and index finger.

Multipurpose Gloves

If you play several positions, you can always use a multipurpose glove. Those come in a variety of different sizes and with different pockets and webbing. We offer several options for players of all skill levels and abilities. We are also proud to offer our customers the option of ordering a completely customized glove, too.

So, take a look at our wide collection of baseball gloves and if you have any questions, please call us at 1-877-662-6757 or email us at We are always happy to help!