Did You Know: Baseball Facts That Are Out of the Ballpark!

Baseball cards in Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses some of the greatest art known to man, from Rembrandt to Roedean.  But did you know: back in the southwest corner of the building, it also displays more than 31,000 vintage baseball cards.  Americans love baseball.

The story behind Michael Jackson moonwalking

Americans also live Michael Jackson.  In the 1980s Jackson’s dance moves “hit a home run” in the psyche of American pop culture.  Specifically his “moonwalking”.  He would move his body backwards but his legs looked as if they were walking forward.  People love this.  But did you know: in 1963, after smacking homer run 100, Jimmy Pearsall ran all the bases facing backward.  This is classic crowd pleasing way to celebrate.

World War II Bomb

Speaking of things that shaped our world, World War II literally changed the shape and condition of this planets landscape.  From Atomic bombs and submarines to automatic guns.  But did you know: when baseball loving America went to design the hand grenade, they chose a size and weight equivalent to the baseball.

baseball facts

One hand baseball player

Did you ever here the one about the man with no left hand?  He’s all “right” now.  Actually, it takes at least two hands to swing a baseball bat.  But did you know: there was a baseball player with only one hand.  He was a pitcher named Jim Abbott. He rocked the baseball scene 10 seasons straight.  He played for the New York Yankees.  Jim even threw a no-hitter in 1993.

A winner and a loser

The objective behind any sport is to win.  This is true of baseball as well.  As the song goes, “Hip hip hip for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame.  Because it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out in the old ball game!”  But did you know: sometimes in baseball you can be a winner and a loser at the same time, just like being named employee of the month.  This is what happened in 1960.  Bobby Richardson was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the World Series even though he was playing for the team that lost.

Baseball and robber

In baseball, if you’re able to run to the next case without the pitcher catching you, this is called “stealing” a base.  Of course the American Baseball League does not endorse stealing.  But did you know: John Dillinger, the famous bank robber, played professional baseball.  He was a second baseman in the minor leagues.

Are baseball player always big?

Some athletic ventures require large size and height, like basketball and football.  But did you know:  the St. Louis Browns had a player that was only three feet tall.  His name was Eddie Gaedel.  He became known as “The best darn midget who ever played big-league ball."

baseball bat

Baseball mud

Perhaps you’ve heard this expression, “He drugs my name through the mud.”  It means, due to slander, a person reputation has been sullied or ruined.  But did you know: the baseballs used by the Major Leagues are all smeared with mud.  It’s part of the initiation process.  These balls are all coated with mud from a special place in New Jersey.

The power of pee

“Get a grip!” Have you ever heard that expression before?  It means you don’t have things under control.  In baseball, the power of your swing is related to how tightly you are able to grip the baseball bat.  How you hold your baseball bat gives you the control you need to adjust your swinging trajectory.  But did you know: one technique many players use to make the skin of their hands tougher is pee.  Major League sportsmen such as Jorge Posada, Kerry Wood and many others say they use this method.

These little tidbits of baseball history reflect the degree to which this sport has molded and shaped the consciousness of American culture.  It is a classic way to enjoy time together and build camaraderie.  To know more of these little fun tidbits, please keep yourself get our newest articles.