What are the Advantages of Practicing with a Wooden Bat?

Most baseball coaches will recommend wooden bats over ones made from other materials, such as aluminum, when it comes to baseball practice.

There are numerous reasons for this, chief among them that major league baseball players use wooden bats, and that successfully hitting and following through takes much more skill with a wooden bat.

By practicing with a physically more demanding tool, you'll find other bats easy to master.

Wooden bats, in virtue of their added difficulty in mastering, will improve player mechanics, technique and pitch selection, meaning that your overall standard of play will improve, and that other bats are no problem at all.

A smaller sweet spot

Any baseball enthusiast will have heard of what many fans refer to as "the sweet spot."

This area can usually be found around the bat's logo, and makes hitting much easier when utilized correctly. Wooden bats typically have a much smaller sweet spot than that of aluminum bats, which means that your hitting is forced to improve and reach a higher standard.

Smaller sweet spot = better pitches

When you're held to a better standard of hitting, you are in turn forced to be more selective about your pitches. Good pitch selection is a key tool in any baseball player's tactical arsenal and represents an important aspect of play.

Because wooden bats don't let the player get away with anything, players get much better at pitch selection, and this makes a real difference to the standard of play.

Improved technique

Given their increased difficulty, baseball hitting techniques get much better on the part of the player. Wooden bats only reward adequate technique and mechanics, whereas aluminum bats can forgive bad mechanics.

Practicing with a wooden bat, then, will improve your overall baseball technique.

More power in your swing

As your technique and mechanics improve, your speed and confidence when hitting will too improve.

This increased speed will translate directly to more power in every swing. As you gain in power in every swing, your pitches will improve and you'll get better at the sport. This power will only become even more power if you choose to switch to an aluminum bat later on too.

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