4 Steps to Take Care of Your Baseball Equipment

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If you are actively using your baseball equipment, you can be sure that it will become filthy after a couple of months or years. It would be a waste to just throw out your dirty equipment and buy a new one. So it is important to know how to care, wash, or clean your baseball cap, glove, and bat. How do you do it?

Wash a Baseball Hat

How do you wash a baseball hat? The best way that you can do it is to fill a clean bucket with warm water. Put in a tablespoon of laundry detergent or a pinch of dish soap. For stubborn dirt, you will need the stronger detergent to effectively get the stains out of the fibers.

Begin by spot cleaning the baseball hat so you can focus on problematic areas. Dab the cleaning product directly on the hat using an old toothbrush or a small scrubber to gently clean the fabric. For sweat stains you can use shampoo to remove it. Be careful when working the threaded stitching so that it does not get damaged.

Put the hat in the bucket and let it soak for a few hours. Rinse away the soap using warm water before drying it off. Pat down the excess moisture with a clean, dry towel while allowing some of the water to drip off. Get a container to hold the hat so that it can be air dried while retaining its proper shape. Keep a towel under the container to catch the dripping water.

Drying a Baseball Glove

Cleaning a baseball glove is quite different than a cap. Knowing how to dry a baseball glove quickly will help you keep it clean and use it right away. Just get a clean towel and begin patting the insides and outsides of the glove to remove as much moisture as possible.

Use a glove conditioner on the material and allow it to sit openly indoors in a dry location. The conditioner removes excess moisture from the glove. The glove should not be directly exposed to any heat source. To keep the glove’s shape, put a baseball in the pocket and wrap it with rubber band. Keep patting down on it with a dry towel until completely dry.

Oiling a Baseball Glove

Aside from cleaning and drying your baseball glove, part of taking care of it is to know how to oil it. What should you do?

How to oil a baseball glove begins with finding the right type of oil. You will need oil products that are specifically designed for leather. Some may recommend petroleum jelly, baby oil, or even shaving cream. You will need to work the oil deep into the leather including the pocket and areas of the thumb and forefinger.

Use a soft, clean cloth when applying the oil while ensuring there are no globs or other types of liquid left. Allow the glove to dry and sit overnight to give the oil time to soak into the leather material. Place it is a cool, dry location overnight and wipe away excess oil the following day.

Put a softball or baseball in the pocket and tie it off to keep the shape of the glove. You may also use the glove for catching for a couple of minutes for a week to mold it into shape. This is also a great way to break in a new baseball glove.

Lacing Up Baseball Gloves

There will be a time that the laces on your baseball glove will need replacement because of use and the normal wear and tear. This is something that will help keep your baseball glove in good shape. What should you know on how to lace a baseball glove?

It is important to take a picture of the glove from various angles before removing the old laces. If this is your first time, make sure that you remove and replace the lace one hole at a time. This prevents you from being lost in the process. The picture helps you get an idea what the lacing should look like.

Apply conditioner on the areas between the fingers and around the glove, which are difficult to reach when there are laces. The laces should be treated with conditioner as well to make it easier to fit through the holes. Make sure that the laces are secure after you have completed the process.

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