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M^Powered Embroidered Bucket Hats M^Powered Embroidered Bucket Hats

Custom Bucket Hat - New Swag for 2016!

Tan, Black or Eggshell


Keeps the sun out of your face and off you neck in Total comfort.  Great for watching a ball game.








Price: $39.00


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All Leather Game Ball with Blemishes #1313b All Leather Game Ball with Blemishes #1313b

The 1313b is an all leather cosmetic blemished game baseball.  Can be used for practice, scrimmage or games.  

1st quality core with cosmetic blemishes, all leather hides.  

Compare at $45-$52 a dozen from the competition!


Price for CASES of 10 Dozen Delivered in the US!



Price: $349.00


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Plastic Training Balls SPECIAL Plastic Training Balls SPECIAL

Hi bounce back, hi quality 9” multi colored practice balls.  10 dozen to a case,  Delivered



Price: $85.00


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Pre-Season Pro Players Pack Pre-Season Pro Players Pack

includes TWO wood bats,(ash, maple, birch or hickory) a pair of batting gloves, 2 Tiger Sticks, eye black, pair of cotton wrist bands, and a pair of VERDERO CLEATS. PLUS a free HEAVY TRAINING BAT!


Price: $249.99


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* Bat 2:
* Size 2:
* Enter Batting Glove Size,Color:
* Enter Cleat Size (6-14), Color:
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M^Powered Retail Fixture Program M^Powered Retail Fixture Program

The M^Powered Baseball Retail Fixture Program creates an all-in-one sales platform for everything M^Powered!  Our professionally designed steel fixture is mobile with commercial caster wheels for easy movement for best display without hassle.

Set one up in your Academy, batting cage, retail store or right at the field!

Each Fixture holds 48 Pro Wood or Non Wood Bats, 72 M^Powered Accessories, 12 Baseball Gloves, and 6-10 Dozen Baseballs.

Price is $5000 for the wholesale buy in.

You can expect it to produce $15k to $25k in sales a year.


Price: $5,000.00


Qty :

3 Pack of 777POWR Bats 3 Pack of 777POWR Bats

MPOWERED 777POWR bats are available in 32", 33", 33.5" and 34” lengths. The diameter is 2.60” with 4.5” of sweet spot and the handle measures .88".


Price: $575.00


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3 Pack of Bamboo Bats 3 Pack of Bamboo Bats

M^Powered bamboo bats are made from the hardest wood/plant material on earth. Bamboo is used for scaffolding in China and many other Asian countries in the construction of the world's tallest and most modern skyscrapers. The reason bamboo is so strong is its tensile strength. The Bamboo plant is harvested and then machined so the choice pieces can be used for the construction of your baseball bat. The bamboo is pieced like a parquet floor and put under 2000 pounds of pressure. After drying it is lathed into a 271 model bat, and sanded until the finished product is smooth as marble. The bats are then sprayed with 3 layers of environmentally approved paint. M^Powered always sprays its bats and never dips them. Spraying allows for a fine finish not always found when using the dip process. After the spraying process is finished the M^Powered watermark logo and artwork are applied. After a second drying step M^Powered sprays 2 clear coat applications for a professional finish and the watermark art is sealed. M^Powered pays very special attention to detail.


Price: $179.00


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3 Pack of Batting Gloves 3 Pack of Batting Gloves

M^POWERED BASEBALL presents our premium GOATSKIN LEATHER BATTING GLOVE. Premium GOAT SKIN LEATHER in the PALM and 4-WAY stretch and synthetic leather on the back of the glove for a comfort. Easily adjustable velcro closure for a perfect fit. Available in 8 colors: Royal, Red, Purple, Navy Blue, Gold, Green, Black and Orange. Sizes M-L-XL-XXL.


Price: $69.00


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3 Pack of Tiger Stick 3 Pack of Tiger Stick

Tiger Stick is the ultimate batting grip! This unique formulation provides a perfect, non-slip grip. It's great for use in all sports where secure hand control is required. It's better & cleaner than pine tar! No mess! Great for golfers & even skateboarders & surfers for foot grip.


Price: $39.00


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3 Dozen Practice Baseballs 3 Dozen Practice Baseballs

30% grey wool windings, custom cork/rubber core, B grade cowhide. LONG PLAY DURABLE BALL.


Price: $99.00


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