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What is Strike Zone & Zone Rating in Baseball

The strike zone in baseball represents a space where the pitch should pass to be counted as a strike. If you would like to know more about improving your game, read on.


What Baseball Position Should I Play? - Quiz

Everyone who plays the game has his own favorite or dream position, but, are you in the right one for you? Take a look by going through this what baseball position should I play quiz.


Fantasy Baseball Prospective Targets

Prospects have a lot to do with how a team is projected to perform. Take a look at some of the fantasy baseball prospective targets.


BBCOR Bats: Rules and Penalties

It’s important that young baseball players use the appropriate bat or they could have problems with umpires and opposing teams. Consider BBCOR Bats.


Why Wooden Bats Are Better Than Aluminum Bats

There are plenty of reasons to prefer the hard wood to the composite. Wooden bats offer a realistic evaluation of what kind of a hitter a baseball player really is.


Baseball Drills: Practice Makes for a Successful Season

Repetitive practice drills and outstanding tools of the game like adding a great bat, players can achieve serious success when game time comes around.


Can Maple Bats Make a Difference

When the player comes to the plate, it is only him and his bat that can make things happen. Can using maple bats really make a difference every time a player is called to bat? Read on


How to Buy the Best Catcher’s Mitts

It is vital to make sure the catcher is properly equipped to deal with almost every in-game situation for the sake of the team. Here are some tips on how to choose the best catcher’s mitt.


Improve Your Game with the Right First Base Gloves

One of the reasons why the right first base gloves should be bought is that it helps to protect the players from possible injury. Here are some factors to consider.


Wooden Baseball Bat Guide

Before players can use a wooden bat, they need to learn how to choose a wooden bat. Here’s a guide to choose wooden baseball bat that suits your needs.


Myths about Maple Bats

The wooden bat has been seriously misunderstood. Very few amateur leagues use wooden baseball bats, which is why they have developed so many myths over the years.


Custom Bats – Designed to Fit Your Needs

M^Powered Baseball offers a wide variety of pre-made custom bats, but why not give yourself a special treat by getting a bat designed just for you.


Maple Baseball Bats & Ash Trees

Maple baseball bats became the bat of choice after the current MLB-career-home-run-leader Barry Bonds set his records using them. Find out why it became popular. Read more


The Pros and Cons of Maple Bats

For almost two decades, maple bats have been the bat of choice in the major and minor leagues but not without controversy. Read more


Wooden Bats and Aluminum Bats: The Great Debate

The debate between the wooden bat & aluminum bat has even made its way into elementary school science fairs where students test the physics between the two types of bats. Read more


Partnership with Pelican Bat Wax

M^Powered Baseball is proud to announce a new distribution and fulfillment agreement with Pelican Bat Wax, Read more


Pick Your Baseball Bat Wood

M^Powered Baseball takes great pride in making the finest bats in a variety of different woods. Our bats are designed to be durable and have just the pop you need. Read more


What are BBCOR Baseball Bats?

Bat-Ball Coefficient is the standard that is used for baseball bats in adult, college, and high school games. This measurement only applies to aluminum bats. Read more


BBCOR Bats: Here to Stay Due to a Vivid History

BBCOR bats have been the bat of choice for NCAA teams and travel ball teams, and studies have been conducted on the bat. What made it so popular? Read on


Trends in Maple Bats

More communities than ever before are offering wooden bat tournaments, even at the Little League level of play. People are also appreciating this classic piece of baseball gear. Read more


Catcher’s Glove 101: Basics About Unusual Piece of Equipment

Gloves are one of the most repeated equipment used however there are many types of them. Here are a few things to know about the easily recognizable catcher’s glove. Read more


The Hardest Thing to Do in Sport

According to experts in physics, hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in all of sports. Find out why


Custom Bats Designed Just for You

Customized bats often cost significantly more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ bat, but with an M^Powered custom bat, you can spend your money wisely & choose what you really need. Read more


Safety Standards at Baseball Stadiums: Wooden Bats and Foul Balls

With the recent injury at Fenway Park, safety standards have become a hot topic. With the dangers posed by broken wooden bats and swiftly moving balls, fans need to be alert before every pitch. Read more


BBCOR Bats Give Better Performance

Baseball bats have an effect on statistics. Read the difference between BESR and BBCOR and why BBCOR gives better performance. Read more


Maple Bats: Understanding the Popularity and the Science Behind Them

In MLB games, many experience freak occasions when someone gets hurt from a broken bat flying at a high rate of speed. Learn why it’s best to shift to Maple bats. Read more


Baseball Spring Training Does Matter

Spring Training matters. Those quick games in the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues play an important role in the Regular Baseball Season. Read more


Why Is Our Phone Number 1-877-NO-CORKS?

Baseball is a game of superstitions and statistics. Learn more about baseball and the meaning of corks. Read more


The Magic of the Home Run

When it comes to any play in baseball, nothing is better than a home run. Both men and women do love to see a great home run. Read more


The Best Baseball Players of All Time

While we at M^Powered have a special place in our hearts for #7, Mickey Mantle, we do realize that there are other outstanding baseball players in the history of the game. Get to know these baseball players. Read more


How to Pick a Wood Bat 

Since there are so many different types of bats, we are frequently asked what bat is best used in what situation. Here are some tips about what type of bats a player needs.Since there are so many different types of bats, we are frequently asked what bat is best used in what situation. Here are some tips about what type of bats a player needs. Read here


Watching Catcher Signs

The catcher needs to understand all of the signs coming from the manager and be able to relay them to the pitcher and other defensive players on the team. Read more


Baseball Spring Training 2015 

The baseball diamonds in the south are being prepped for spring training. For everyone who loves the game of baseball, the approach to spring training is almost as exciting as the World Series. Read more


Wooden Bats: Why use these in the MLB?

One of the pickiest rules in Major League Baseball involves the bats. The Major Leaguers have to stick with the old fashioned wooden bats that still resemble the tools used in the early days of baseball. Find out why


Groundbreaking Color Changing Bats

We have created the perfect wooden bat, Color Changing Bats for anyone who wants to learn more about their swing. It will give your more information about your batting practice. Read more


Grow Your Business with M^Powered Baseball Gear

M^Powered Baseball have recently developed a retail fixture that will showcase everything that M^Powered Baseball has to offer. Take a look


Awards for Baseball Players

As the excitement of the World Series distracts baseball fans from their everyday activities, baseball players from all over Major League Baseball are busy winning awards. Read more

Baseball and Safety: Keeping the Catcher Safe
No one will ever argue that the catcher has the most dangerous position in baseball. Understand a catcher’s position and learn what gears are needed for safety. Read more


Not Just Baseball Bats, but Baseballs, Too

Trust M^Powered that delivers quality products made from the best materials so you can get the most play out your purchase. Read more


Pine Tar: The Great Debate

If you're considering applying pine tar to your bat, it's wise to know the rules and the history of the substance, the consequences of misuse & how to properly apply the substance. Read more


Baseball Gloves 101

For baseball players, their glove is like an extension of their body. Different types of gloves are better suited to different types of positions. Learn more


Why We Love #7: Homage to Mickey Mantle

One of the greatest hitters of all time was Mickey Mantle & we are proud to include his #7 in many of our product numbers. Here's what made Mickey Mantle such a legendary player. Read more


Pick a Perfect Baseball Bat for Your Child

Bats come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to meet the needs of rookies and veterans. Some tips to help you pick the perfect bat. Read more


Specialty Baseball Bats from M-Powered Baseball

We have a collection of specialty baseball bats, designed to help perfect all aspects of your hitting, are worth checking out and adding to your bat bag. Read more


4 Crucial Factors You Should Consider

Many experts believed that maple bats were a fad, like many other trends that come and go. However the performance of maple bats has begun to silence these experts and the critics who advocated avoiding maple use. Read more


How to Care for a Wooden Baseball Bat

It's well worth dedicating a little time to cleaning your baseball bat every now and then to prolong its lifespan and keep it in tip top condition. Read more


Taping a Wooden Baseball Bat

Many baseball players find that taping a bat's handle is the best way to achieve a superior grip on the bat. Here is a little tips to tape your bats. Read more


What are the Advantages of Practicing with a Wooden Bat?

Most baseball coaches will recommend wooden bats over ones made from other materials, such as aluminum, when it comes to baseball practice. Read more