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Groundbreaking Color Changing Bats

We have created the perfect wooden bat, Color Changing Bats for anyone who wants to learn more about their swing. It will give your more information about your batting practice. Read more


Grow Your Business with M^Powered Baseball Gear

M^Powered Baseball have recently developed a retail fixture that will showcase everything that M^Powered Baseball has to offer. Take a look


Awards for Baseball Players

As the excitement of the World Series distracts baseball fans from their everyday activities, baseball players from all over Major League Baseball are busy winning awards. Read more

Baseball and Safety: Keeping the Catcher Safe
No one will ever argue that the catcher has the most dangerous position in baseball. Understand a catcher’s position and learn what gears are needed for safety. Read more


Not Just Baseball Bats, but Baseballs, Too

Trust M^Powered that delivers quality products made from the best materials so you can get the most play out your purchase. Read more


Pine Tar: The Great Debate

If you're considering applying pine tar to your bat, it's wise to know the rules and the history of the substance, the consequences of misuse & how to properly apply the substance. Read more


Baseball Gloves 101

For baseball players, their glove is like an extension of their body. Different types of gloves are better suited to different types of positions. Learn more


Why We Love #7: Homage to Mickey Mantle

One of the greatest hitters of all time was Mickey Mantle & we are proud to include his #7 in many of our product numbers. Here's what made Mickey Mantle such a legendary player. Read more


Pick a Perfect Baseball Bat for Your Child

Bats come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to meet the needs of rookies and veterans. Some tips to help you pick the perfect bat. Read more


Specialty Baseball Bats from M-Powered Baseball

We have a collection of specialty baseball bats, designed to help perfect all aspects of your hitting, are worth checking out and adding to your bat bag. Read more


4 Crucial Factors You Should Consider

Many experts believed that maple bats were a fad, like many other trends that come and go. However the performance of maple bats has begun to silence these experts and the critics who advocated avoiding maple use. Read more


How to Care for a Wooden Baseball Bat

It's well worth dedicating a little time to cleaning your baseball bat every now and then to prolong its lifespan and keep it in tip top condition. Read more


Taping a Wooden Baseball Bat

Many baseball players find that taping a bat's handle is the best way to achieve a superior grip on the bat. Here is a little tips to tape your bats. Read more


What are the Advantages of Practicing with a Wooden Bat?

Most baseball coaches will recommend wooden bats over ones made from other materials, such as aluminum, when it comes to baseball practice. Read more